1x grower. Seeds not popping

I put these in water for 3 days. Planted per instruction. Tonight is night 13. 26.6c 41% humidity. Using Mars Hydro 4x4. TSW 2000. Light at full blast 24" from my bigger girl. Seed is Gold Leaf Autoflower.

When U soaked them in water for the couple of days did they have a tap root popping out

Coz when I do seeds I soak them until they have a root showing and then I put them on paper towel and cover them with the paper towel the towel needs to be wet with the same water you had the seeds in but don’t drown them ,then I put the paper towel between two plastic plates and put in darkness where is warm for a few days and you end up with a nice size tap root

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I take 2 sheets of paper towel
Put the seeds on 1
Spill some Poland spring on it
Put the other sheet on top
Fold it into a ziploc and throw it by your cable box for 24 hours

Works like a charm with almost any seed …


I’ve tried both ways

Both worked fine

The paper towel method produced longer tap roots and I was not as afraid of drowning them but as said above both methods worked fine for me


U ever tried germinating black eyed Susan seeds this way? In the paper towel ?

They are ridiculously tiny and their tiny tap root almost immediately grows through the paper towel …
The longer you leave them there the longer those roots grow …when I was younger I had done it and forgot about it for almost 2 weeks with cannabis seeds …when I remembered and opened the bag it was like a birds nest and nothing was dying or rotting

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Lol most my life in Texas, I went out of my way to make sure seeds didn’t pop. Man you really didn’t want to get caught with anything weed related when I was coming of age in Dallas area. 80s & 90s


Ive always used the water and peroxide method and have had good results! Although I may have put too much peroxide in this time because one of my seeds sprouted a tail and then it just looked weird and the “helmet seed” separated before I could even plant it!! I have NEVER had this happen! But I started another right away with less peroxide this time. I have also (in the past) used the paper towel method and it also worked good! So its a to each his own ,whatever works for you!


I drop seeds in distilled water with 1/4 tsp Epsom salt and a few drops of Hydrogen peroxide per gallon.
Good seeds will float on the surface when 1st dropped. Any that sink immediately are suspected duds.
After 24 hours, some seeds will pop, sink and maybe show a tap root.
Others may be still floating. I take a clean metal fingernail file and tap on the floating seeds, and some of them will then sink showing they have popped. I use the file to move the sinkers to a wet peat pod. After say 36 hours if they still won’t sink, I put them in a pod regardless. Letting them soak for days on end never seemed to work well for me.


Yes. TY

All legal now in NM.


@normjaso Finally huh???

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Hey bud what the hell happened if you’re still around to answer

When, where?

Lol heard you got raided

Plant the seed directly in moist soil in a solo cup with a baggie over the top. Pretty much works every time.