1x 135W HLG Rspec or 2?

Hey guys! Wanting to update my lights and am trying to choose between a single 135w kit, or the dual board 260w kit. I have a 2’x2’ tent, and it looks like the double board kit will fit, but I am also worried about how much heat it will put out. I am more or less trying to ensure my whole tent is getting maximum light coverage with as little fall off as possible. So can I dim the double kit to a reasonable wattage in relation to my tent so it isn’t as hot?

Just the 135 will be plenty. The 260 will be a little over 26” long so too long for a 2x2. Plus it would nuke your plants.

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It says it is 600mm long on the website? Should have mentioned, I am kind of trying to future proof because I may get a new tent soon… It depends on what happens. But my thought process was that the area of coverage would be better with the double kit, then I would just dim it.

Oh they must have shaved a few inches off the double slate. I have 5 single slates and they’re all 13 1/4” each. You could definitely do that if looking towards a larger areas in the future. Would actually be wise. Shouldn’t run into heat issues running it at around 50%. You can always mount the driver outside of the tent. But mine barely get warm running at 1/2 strength

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If you go that route, make sure it’s not the xl kit. That’s 36” long.

That’s the other thing, efficiency with a larger wattage driver running at a lower power?

Of course lol, Saw that too.

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Can’t remember the efficiency numbers but believe the peak efficiency was around 75-80% of the drivers capability. Then it falls off before and after that. But efficiency won’t be a problem only pulling 130-150 watts. That’s less than 3 incandescent 60w light bulbs. You probably won’t even notice on your light bill.

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@BobbyDigital u run 1x 135 rspec in a 2x2. I have this setup and wondering how hard u run the 135 in the tent. My driver has the 2 set screw adjusters. One is all the way up the other i keep the screwdriver poked thru the rubber grommet and just turn that one to adjust for brightness. Not sure what its set at now but plant is e.5 weeks from being in the 7 gal pot. Whats ur thoights on the power of the light at this point. Trying to do a scrog hrow. 2x2 tent 4 inch in and out 7 gal fab pot. Camna coco woth jacks 321 and AN additives. Tribus and recharge also here or there. Ro water apera ph and ppm meters. Any thoughts.

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Oh driver is outside tent

I ran a 2x2 my first grow. When I got my first 135 kit I just threw it in there the way it was set from the factory. They typically have it set at max efficiency which is around 80%, I believe. I scrogged my first grow because the tent was only 4’ tall.

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After talking to @dbrn32 I am going to do a bit more DIY. Going to get 2x QB288 V2 Rspec boards, a Mean Well HLG-240H-C2100A driver, and put them side by side length wise in the tent.