1ste with super silver haze, grow tent scrogs and transplanting question


It’s my frist grow with Super silver Haze. I my first two were with ak48 that was happy inside and got satisfying results.

Since the SSH feminized from crop king seeds is know foy growing tall I made myself a scrog wood frame to tame train the plant as wide as possible to reduce the final height and optimise the general efficiency. It’s the first time I use a scrog and a plant known to be kinda tall.

Any tips on how to proceed and if I should use the biggest pots available to avoid resetting the scrog net while transplanting? Is using the final pots right when germination is over possible/wrong?

I need this grow to succeed to avoit returning to old and risky modes of acquiring my medication which I’m so happy I did not have to return to yet.

Sorry if I’m not totally clear.

TLDR: 3x3x6 tent, Supersilver haze with scrog. Any strategies for pots, transplant and trainin to imporve quality and success of growth would really be appreciated.

Bump? Anyone? Can i / should I use the final Big pots in the beginning to avoid a scrog mess during transplant?

Start with small pots and transplant to bigger size as they grow to keep from over watering. Also I didn’t start to scrog until I was just about ready to start flowering so I was able to keep transplanting with ease.

I built a wooden frame 6’ x 8’ to hold my wire. Then I separated the two sides with just front and back posts. Each is 3 x 4. I drilled holes in four positions running up each post where I can place dowels. That way from 1 ft to 3 ft I can adjust the height of the wire. I start in a silo cup, move to 1 gallon and then to 3. I also top which keeps the plants short and bushy. All things to consider if you want to scrog

Thanks for your inputs. thought I had to transplant while the plant was growing through the scrog net.

Good idea to make the setup a bit adjsutable depending on how high things turn out.

I used to just “top” the plants once or twice and I think it will be simpler than anticipated.

check out LST to train before the net. I have an ak49 auto lst’d flat on the soil with 9 tops coming straight up with stems like the main. Another auto has too many to count and all plants have never been topped. Mess around with them. They are pretty tough, they’re a weed.
I germ and put seed into cup of soil then I do 1 transplant into main grow so I can get the plant lst’d low. I don’t have much room.

@ktreez420 knows Scrog and can help

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Here’s my log : https://www.weedlog.com/#!growlog/10422/c3-super-silver-have

Readind a lot about lst scrog and ainlining. This is an opportunity to level up a bit in that feild