1st year harvest, are they done?

So long story short its my first grow besides the kitchen table top plant. I live in Washington State and between the smoke from the wildfires, the foggy cloudy weather and high 40s temp at night at the beginning of my flowering stage is giving me problems I think. I don’t know if I should Harvest these ladies or let them continue to slowly Stack Up moved them inside with some cheap department store grow bulbs.
So i guess my main question is - are my buds stunted and done stacking or did all that bad light and wet weather just push bk my harvest date.
Clearly im also fighting with my 1st harvest impatiance as well. Cant wait. To get mature flower. Uploading: 16047777865625698080859219836680.jpg… Uploading: 16047778773086007186722366579298.jpg…

Pics didn’t load. You have to wait till they hit 100% in the bottom left.
When it’s ready a check mark will show up.

I know pics are garbage, poor phone

No special soil, or fertilizer, i gave em some over the counter maricle grow. And made some potassium teas.

How many weeks are you into flower? I harvested mine at week 14. I grew 4 indica plants and flushed at week 12.

I used random seeds i was given by A friend i figured i have one (extremely purple)sativa heavy hybrid and an indica heavy hybrid. All signs seem to indacate that they are ready to harvest
-mostly orange hairs and curled

  • mostly Milky trichromes as far as my hand held magnifying glass can see
    HOWEVER none of the fan leaves are yellowing and no droopy branches due to bud weight?
    I feel like im getting mixed signal

9 or 10 i think