1st Topping, Ballast remoting, and more!

Started 6/16, transplanted a week ago from Solos, and remoted my light drivers today. How are yall doing?

Had a question on when I need to start LST and also when to deploy the trellis net?


I’d work on fixing that magnesium deficiency first. You need some calmag and to feed up your plants, they look hungry.


How much should I give them?

On the CalMag, I’d go 5ml/gallon til your plants are nice and green.

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those monsters were in solo cups? wow. watching and good luck!

@Hellraiser Is it organic?

No, it’s not.

If you’re going organic, unscented, plain Epsom salts @1tbsp per gallon will cover you for magnesium.

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Picked up some cal-mag from Roots Organic yesterday. Question tho. I just watered these ladys the day before so they should be good on water but can I use cal-mag as a foliar spray for a few days until they’re thirsty again. Trying to avoid over watering at this point.

Anyone have input?

Sorry, was out of town. You can definitely use it as a foliar spray. Just wait until it’s almost lights out time.

Why is that?

Water droplets from the spray can be amplified by the lights and cause burns.

Oh dayum. Well I shook them a little after spraying.