1st timer; think i'm ready to flip to flower but want to make sure not too soon

hey again all! :wave: my plants turned 2 months old on the 5th i was going to veg for about another month then flip them over but now i’m thinking i should go ahead and do it in the next couple weeks. bc idk how much taller they will get when they flower and pull my light up about an inch every week. my tent is 6 and a half feet tall i think. and they’re about 2ft tall maybe more i’m just guessing from the pics now. they’ve been lazily stressed trained (ignore my netting i just have it thrown up however until i get my ass up and cut some pvc to make a stand for it lol) it’s just the 2 on the left hand side i’m asking about. the other is a month younger than my other girls.(they were just watered if the back one looks a little droopy, she was parched lol)

thanks again @Rayofsunshine for telling me about this site! (in the fb group when i asked about lights :star_struck: )


with your limited vertical grow room…minus the container, minus the max height of the light n hanger, 18 to 24" of light to plant distance = this will be the vertical grow room left.
suggest you throw them into flower NOW as they could stretch as much as twice their current height. when they stretch, they will consume massive amounts of water so keep up with their needs.



Welcome to the family. Glad you are here lots of wonderful people here to help you. I will tag you for my grow journal so you can follow along.


thanks for that!! always appreciate your input so far on here. :smiley: i’ll get them switched tomorrow i thought they were getting too tall.

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Welcome to forum. Treasure trove of knowledge and friendly advice around every corner.

I love the FB page, I got my “Top Fan” badge recently :upside_down_face:

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Let me intoduce you to members. @dbrn32 is our light guru. @PurpNGold74 is a really cool dude @Bogleg is knowledge about ebb & flow (has helped me alot) @GreenJewels is just a pleasure but grows mutants (the cheese auto/photo monster)


Good morning and welcome to the ILGM forum. Lots of great helpful growers here. I think you’ll love it here, I do anyway. @Missiles is one is a friendly knowledgeable great grower. She also always knows who to tag for help when needed. Happy growing :v::green_heart:

:joy: That crazy cheese…and now her daughter :joy:


Welcome to the forum! I noticed comment about screen, you don’t really need it attached to PVC to work. Totally up to you if you want to use it or not though. if you do, I would definitely keep them vegging and start training to the screen. If not, your plants are old enough that you could flip them whenever you are ready.



Welcome to the forum @growmamagrow :grin: you’ll love it here!


good morning and thanks!! i already feel like I love it here so I’m excited to have some friendly folk to help me along! and I’ll definitely be checking out what your mutants look like later lol

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thanks for the input! i went ahead and cut some pipe for it last night the netting was getting in the way and i needed a way to move it when needed. I usually keep about 40ft of it in the garage anyway lol never know what new project I’ll see on the internet and need to build :laughing:

with training them this way you think i could veg a little longer? I still want to make it to almost the end of the month if I can.

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You can definitely veg longer with scrog. Benefit of a scrog is you can keep the canopy even and the plant short. This is the last one I had going. It was in a 2x2’ tent that was only 4’ tall.


Yup. You pretty much need to veg longer in order to fill the screen. Otherwise the only purpose of the screen will be to provide some bud support.


the plant on the right and the one in the front need more tops, you want to bend down the big branches. If you flip now you will have too much space unfilled, the big branches you have to take care of.

Good luck

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Welcome to the site @growmamagrow! Definitely the place to be to grow great weed. Everyone above is awesome. And ur plants lookin good.

I think you should try your hand scrogging (with the net and an extended veg) but be aware they get bigger… and you need to be able to do maintenance on them (watering, pruning, adjusting) so dont bite off too much at once.

Last tidbit… i need in on this FB :joy::rofl::joy: (but dont post here, anyone in it in the lab?)


thanks for that! i went out of town for a week and they went about 2 nonconsecutive days without any light and they all stretched something serious and are more tall than bushy now :frowning: then just a few days ago my fan fell on the one in front and almost severed one of the 2 tall top branches but i have it held together with twine and it seems like its healing pretty good but i’m pretty scared to stretch it too far under the net just yet. i’ve topped some of the bottom branches that are catching up to the stretch but for now they still look skinny to me that’s why i wanted to veg longer to try and make up more for those dark days

Those 2 days may have triggered early flowering. Watch for pistils popping up

thanks for the welcome! i definitely agree everybody here is awesome so far! and I work from home so i spend a lot of time with my plant babies and have all the time in the world for maintenance as long as i have some help (from folks like y’all!) to walk me through and make sure i’m doing everything right. i’ll make this thread my journal for these plants but i’m starting a green crack seed tomorrow that i want to start it’s own journal for. i really want the seeds i spent money on to do great, these girls i have going now were just bag seeds i planted to “test the water out” and make sure i wouldn’t just be killing plants lol.

and i’m in a private fb group on growing but if there is a closed (so hidden from searches) ilgm on FB then i need somebody to send me the deets on it asap too! lol

The Lab side (its paid but has pm) is where we do all the… personals… its fine. Im never on FB anyway. This is my only social media presence :joy::rofl::joy:.

But yea. When i found this spot i was killing a bagseed with heavy mg feeding and underlit cfl bulbs. Have grown so much in the last year its quite funny.


is that one plant? I did 5 in a 32"x32"x63" lol I am going to make one of these pvc scrog nets mine did the job but barely.