1st timer- LST without killing or slowing them down

Hey yall,

So I bent and staked all but 1 of my White Widow Auto-flower Girls. I did not kink any stems and bent them to 90°. I staked them with these things.

I have a couple questions.

  1. Is 90° too much?
  2. After bent and staked; some leaves touch the soil. Will this lead to a problem?
  3. Will these continue to grow out the old top or do new top just pop out of the bent stalk or both?
  4. What should I be looking out for?

Thank you all in advance. Here are my girls.

Here is my “control” plant, Theresa. She is the biggest of the White Widow Auto-flowers.

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Looks good the leaves touching the soil will eventually die just snip them off. As they grow they will start growing up towards the light.

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I like to have a anchor at the base of the stem going the opposite direction for more stability so you don’t uproot your plant. Looks like you did a very good job though and your plant looks healthy and happy :slight_smile:

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The original top will turn up and grow toward the light. Nothing will “pop out” anywhere. Any branches will get more light so will grow faster/bigger.

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I am doing this with Super Silver Haze Photos:

With my White Widow Auto I topped it at the 5th node and have 10 main branches for tops:

Then a bunch of smaller branches off the main ones for more bud sites!
To me the bending and roundabout training takes longer than Autos want to wait.
I also super-cropped all the main branches. note the knuckles, and even some of the secondary ones.
You’d think I would have slowed them down with all that HST but nope.

This plant is 56 days from seed going in water! I didn’t kill or slow her down, IMHO.

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No you didn’t slow her down !! Looks beautiful …
56 days from seed ?? Photos lol
I’m approaching week 4 of flower outdoors sprouted April 11th
To give the OP an idea of how much faster

This is a strain of similar lineage

To sum it up less than half the time

Guess I really need to look into growing indoors

I dropped 3 seeds, because Autos are small and bushy, right?
Not exactly, I sent 2 of them outdoors when I realized only 1 would fit in my little tent.
Here’s a link to my thread if you want to see from the beginning:

Outdoor buds are different.

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@Borderryan22 has a couple or one taller auto I thought…
I’m not sure how I’d ever grow indoors lol …I think I still need more outdoor grows with photos and a lot of training of the plant and learning as much as I can …so when I do decide to start investing in a good grow setup I kind of have the plant down …then I can worry more about the equipment and that entire new animal …with confidence that I know the plant better …


Oops. Bonnie, a White Widow Auto-flower got unintentionally topped… I guess my LST was not as LS as intended.

I am gonna try and clone the top…

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Why not, what you got to lose?
It has not started to flower yet so it should do better than my Auto clone experiment.

This is what my WWA clone looked like 3 days ago.