1st timer. Leaves twisting a bit. Pic

Leaves decided to twist on me overnight

Rookie. Very rookie.

Happy frog dirt. Lights 18/6. Temps 77day/73night

Watering every day and a half or so

Happy frog dirt

California grow 250 led lighting

Tangerine strain

Any comments or help would be very very much appreciated! Thanks!

Humidity inconsistency

That shouldn’t matter my humidity during the day is betweenn20 and 30 then goes up to 70s at night and my.leaves don’t twist.

Mine always do this. First leaves aren’t good to use for dignostics anyway. But can zoom in, see they both have it, like they an airplane or somethin. These plants are now well into flower.

I do have a vibration theory tho. All studies show plants love music, any music better than control of no music. The main variances in tests is which genre comes out on top. But still, music is always good. These girls despite my own taste have seemed to become beloved with billie elish. can just tell when it plays. All while the glass intrustments rattle against each other from vibration. Lol. When moving tents I ended up putting some that weren’t sprouted yet on a roku sub once. Where sprouted in the dark by time I remembered. Forgot to test that one further.

Anyway. Point being. Maybe these odd curves as from the vibrations my plants are subject to. Do you also use music with a decent bass system?

Careful not to overwater as this can cause all sorts of issues. Overall your plants look good, I wouldn’t stress to much.

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Over water causes round leaves that droop even from the stalk, like they are heavy with water. Because they are. I’m really interested in what actually causes this twist. Thought it was the solo cups at first. But don’t see those used here.

The twist is harmless. No worries. Like mate said watch your water. Don’t want to damp off a seedling. my seedlings had this twist under very dry condition in comparison. Those seedlings of mine had the solo cups ran till runoff. Planted. Set till feather light, runoff watering, dried, transplanted. So not over watered

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I had mine on at consistent 70 RH , they will do that only when humidity would drop

Wow I didn’t expect all the answers so quickly And I really appreciate all the help. I’ll give em a week or so and maybe repost for you pros and see what ya think. I’m planning on moving these plants into the mesh bags here shortly. Is there a good or bad time to transplant? I do some research in a book and online but everything says something different. Thanks again and happy days!

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Best time to transplant is typically when the plant has become root bound. You can tell this when you have to water everyday.

As @Dave101 said, be careful with overwatering. Every day and a half is too much. Just saturate the soil fully, then let it almost completely dry. You can tell when it is dry by picking up the pot and swing it back and forth a little. Try to pay attention to the momentum of the pot. If it has high momentum (resistantto change direction), the pot is still wet, so wait.

I’ve only had leaves twist when ph was wrong.

Also let your soil dry out between watering.