1st timer, indoor tent, BESTVA Light in Happy Frog soil,

I have just took germinated seeds out of water, placed in Happy Frog soil in my 3’x3’x6’ Tent under BESTVA 2000 light about 3’ feet above. Temp about high 80’s.
Questions; How far should light be over my starter pots? How many hours?
Do I need a humidfier?
Do I need to add anything to my Happy Frog soil?
When I see the first “green” shoots what changes do I make?
Spring Water?
Any other tips is appreciated.


First welcome to the community, when your little seedlings pop through the dirt it is good to have a dome that will keep your humidity level where you need it. Mist the inside of the dome couple times a day. Light on 24 hours a day through seedling stage. Not familiar with your light but I would say 3 foot would definitely not cause any problems. Main thing do not over water your seedlings. Hope that helps good luck


Get a couple CFL for seedlings. saves electric and they grow better. Get a 5600k+ lights


Yup. He aint lying. You dont need 2000 watts for a seedling and finding the right height will take adjustments and tinkering. A simple cfl can run within inches and get the job done for alot less.

No to humidifier at the moment. A dome will work fine.

Straight spring water in tiny amounts to start will do her great! Seedlings require very little water, and no nutes til the cotyledons have shrivelled. Also happy frog soil has enough for around the first month to just water.

Watch your temps in the future if they are in the high 80s

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I am surprised & grateful for the wonderful helpful response I got from this Community. thank you.
I am getting temp in excess of 80’s so I open my tent. I will add a air filter to bring more fresh air too.
The good news I got 5 starters, super small but coming out of the soil seems like progress. I hope to continue with my light about 18 inches about the plants. Comments on hight???
Thank you Thank you all for helping me.
ps No longer living in CA so access to Flowers is gone so I am trying to grow.

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3 ft is more likely a better target. Allow the seedlings to acclimate to the intense lighting. If u see em start to stretch upwards (grow lanky) drop it 3-4 inchs and reevaluate.

Thank you for helping me.
Plants seem to be growing out of soil very nicely. Excited it’s working with my BESTVA 2000 Light 18-24 inches about plants. Still high 80’s/low 90’s sometimes. Still only a few inches but new leaf being added…so hopeful on my first grow.
As Ex SF CA where I could easily Buy, now have to grow.
Oh yea, a 49er Fan hope you don’t hold that against me.

I’m lazy. I have a 4x4x80” grow tent. I have my lights to the very top that they can go. I can adjust the lighting height but I don’t. I may have to on this crop.

I used to adjust the lighting height but I had more problems then. I don’t anymore. Again I’m lazy. :joy:

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Haha. Ive ALWAYS been a closet 9er fan… its been a rough couple last decades for u guys. But as a diehard Ravens fan? I can respect yall anytime. Loved seeing McVay eat dirt :joy:.

And that Bestva will grow decent weed. Dont be shocked. Also homegrown beats dispensaries (from what ive heard) 80% of the time! The love and care we put into these ladies is repaid in kind at harvest

My Bestva light should be how many inches above my plants?
Should both white & red lights be on during grow stages?
My largest starter looking a little “washed out”, so inclined to raise the lights.
Keeping temp in high 80’s? Too hot?
The growing is happening excited about that…
When should be transplanted to larger container?
Thanks for the answers been getting.

How many watts? 2000? 18-24 inches sounds about right. Id be more inclined to think 24 at the early stages.

White/blue light is more for veg. Reds are required in bloom (makes for stretchy lanky plants in veg with too much red). But its recommended u run both in flower (bloom) because the more intensity the better by then.

Do you have a pic of the ‘washed out’ plant? If its the closest to the light and the top buds/leaves/new growth are ‘light bleached’ it maybe too close. ‘Taco’ leaves (edges curld up) are also a sign of too much light/heat intensity.

Most grows between 70-85~ are just fine. VPD plays a HUGE roll in this. Its more of a next stage in ur learning but since u asked i dont mind elaborating further for u to look into. VPD is essentially temperature and humidity and how marijuana ‘breathes’ in relation to both. Heres a chart. There are a TON of them out for different stages. But this one is a good example. Try to stay in the ‘optimum’ range with both variables.

And I typically transplant when the plants leaves reach the outside edges of the pot. There are 2 transplants in my grows. Start in starter trays. At 2 weeks into 1 gal pots. Then a month later (usually they are ready sooner but my space is limited so i stunt em a bit) into 5 gallon pots.

Growing weed is an awesome experience. But SMOKING ur own grown weed is a gamechanger

WOW, thanks for such a detailed response, my new best grower friend.
This experiment continues to grow.

Yes, Light os 2000 Watts. It has two options. One is a white/blue? light. The other is reddish & way hotter.

With the “white only Tent is in low 70’s. With both on increases the tent to low 80’s.

With both lights on have about 36” above plants. With white only a bit lower.

The humidity is between 55% to 65%.

I am using a “Sonkir” soil, light, water Tester

Light test weak on white…strong with both.

Confused? Me 2. I go back & fourth during the day.

Keeping soil dryish. Recently transplanted to 7 gal cloth bags & root structure looked good to me?

I miss access to green flowers…can’t wait till this grow becomes the game changer I so want,

Ps I lived in CA for decades, priced out so move to Lexington KY.

Love it but it’s be de-criminalized but not legal. We have Ron Paul pushing it….

Oh yea, love this 49ers…there backkkkk.

Thanks my new friend for the excellent communication (can’t read chart but everything you say is taken to heart.


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@Unclebob I’m the odd ball here. I have a 4’x4’x80” tent. I have my QB’s at the very top and I just put my seeds in my growing buckets and then straight into the tent. So my distance to the plant and top well exceeds 60” and mine are doing just fine.

I can’t move my lights because of my Beast of GSC prevents it and will be that way till so harvest her probably in December. Then things will change about the light height above my plants.

As a newbe I thank you for your response.
I have started a pattern of “white light” in morning, adding both lights (redish) in the afternoon.
The white light gives a tent temp in low 70’s, with both high 80’s.
I have a hanging system that adjusts easily but now have light higher…
I am hopeful this is going to work for me
Thanks for your helpful response

Lol sorry bout the story book. I tend to ramble a bit. Happy to see the 9ers back in contention. Ima Raven fan so special place in my heart for hard hitting defenses.

Im always around so if u need anything just tag me. Put an @ in front on my name like @Unclebob. Best of luck and happy growing

Any comments on Trimming?
Ph soil running #8?

I posted to community too


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Ph in soil should be more 6.3-6.8. Get that lower before u have lockout issues… and i always trim from the bottom. Dont want no popcorn buds wasting valuable energy.

Gave my “girls” a major haircut yesterday, my first pile of leaves. Everything looking 'good" from what I can tell.
Thank you for helping me

Do I reduce my lighting schedule of 18 lights on 8 off to a 12 / 12 lights on & off now that I am Flowering?