1st timer here, Is this Super skunk auto Ready to Harvest?

Broke soil May 15, tomorrow is the start of the 12th week. Time wise I think it should have been harvested allready but there is still a lot of white pistols and it’s still Building bud. I still have it at 18/6 under a 260 w HLG. Also, should I Flip the lighting to 12/12? I’ll post some photos on the next post, because I have no photos on this device. Thank you very much for any opinions, it is very much appreciated!

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Here is the photo sorry for the delay


Without pictures, we can’t help. If she is still throwing out pistols, bud packing, the answer is no, she isn’t ready.

Harvesting off weeks is not something I would recommend, you go off bud and amber.

If a seed seller says 10 weeks of flower, that’s is just their opinion and typically in a near perfect grow environment without the variations of each seed.


@Zee Thanks for the reply and sorry for the delay of The photos, they’re up now if you want to take a peek Thanks

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No worries Clay, your weeks if not a month away easy based on the pics. Those white and amber hairs should start forming dense buds.

You also need to get a jewelers loupe and check trichs, depending on what type of high you want depends on harvesting. You want a buzzed head high or couch lock high?

You can also adverse select, depending on lighting, not each cola is always ready to harvest at the same time. Meaning you can cut the ripe colas first and wait for the others to finish.


@Zee Wow that long left ya think? I guess that’s cool, that much time is going to add a lot of weight, That 3 1/2-4 inches on the top is all new growth just this past week. She’s been growing pretty steady, she’s not drinking half of what she was.

I have a jewelers loop and I tried looking for tricombs but I havn’t any practice at that and it was hard looking through that tiny glass thing and get it in focus. I was just getting real panicked that I was going to miss the right harvest date and be late and ruin the bud. This is my first harvest of my life:) so I want it at the highest THC possible with the master blaster shut your eyes high:), I’ll worry about getting some CBD for these old bones next harvest lol. I still have this at 18/6, I have two other plants, they are both super skunks but they’re not Auto’s they’re photos. I just flipped the one to 12/12, that one is 30 inches, I just topped it (I didn’t know I should top it and that it would double when it starts to flower until @Dennis62 told me, he has helped me out so much! THANKS DENNIS!) that one is on nine weeks and I have one other that is19 inches that is about eight weeks old, so I’m planning on going for the THC on this one and maybe some CBD on one of the others. I have a few questions about those also, I have to take some photos, there’s a couple huge leaves on the very top and I’m not sure whether to take them off or not, I’ve already taken about a dozen leaves off of each of those photos. Anyway thank you very much Zee, I really appreciate your help!


Looks like you might have some nitrogen toxicity going on. The deep dark green and the sharp downward bend of the leaves are a dead giveaway. I see a bit of burn as well. What are you doing for nutrient? What’s the ph and tds of your runoff?
No need to flip to 12/12 with auto’s. You can but no need. 18/6 all the way.
Plant looks good otherwise.

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They do that when grown well. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Hi @Docnraq,

Are you referring to the sugar leaf? The nutrients given was Cal Mag when it was young, the first five or six weeks or so and then I switched to half doses of the Foxfarm trio, Grow Big and Big Bloom, and then switched to Tiger Bloom when it started flowering heavy.
As far as the burn you must be referring to the Fan leaf. They got burned very early in the grow, a bit just from the Cal Mag if I remember correctly, but when I transplanted them out of the 6 inch pots into the 3 gallon pots (and I did that way late in the game, they were kind of root bound) I used a 50/50 mix of FFHF and FF Ocean. I should’ve waited a couple weeks before I gave it nutrients with that fresh soil, but I made a newbie mistake and juiced them and immediately burnt those fan leaves. Amazingly I never lost any of the fan leaves even with heavy burn, the nutrients were coming out of those leaves so heavy it looked like an 1/8" yellowish brown plastic was dripping off the leaves lol.

And just in the last week or two they’re starting to get their end of the season fall yellow color.
I just noticed when I was taking those pictures that a lot of the flowers on the very bottom branches has a ton of new sugar leaf growing out of them. So cool!

For the longest time the only sugar leaf was on the cola. Speaking of cola:), I just noticed that that the cola just in the last week or two has gained so much weight, it’s ready to just snap above the tied support. I think I’m gonna have to maybe use some light fishing line and tie it loosely around the top of the cola to stop it from Swaying:) (if Zee is right and it has another month, it will never last without breaking, that thing is getting massive haha)

Oh and the PH, I bought the pH tester and the PPM tester but I have yet to get them out and use them cause the plants just always looked good other than when I over juiced them. Also I stopped giving it Tiger bloom on July 26th and was starting to flush the plant cause I thought I was a week or two away from harvest. Should I start up the tiger bloom nutrients again for a couple weeks or just continue with bottled water. (It’s been on bottled water its whole life)
hey, thx much Doc for your expertise.
(no Dr’s Co Pay here lol)
(Zee says I’ve grown my very first plant well, so cool!) i’ll be posting pictures of my other two super skunk reg Photo plants cause I’ve questions about them also:)

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In your next grow and forward with this one. It would be wise to record the ph and ppm of every liquid/solution you pour into your pot, and then test the runoff and record the same way. The reason for this is so that if you begin to see flux or drop in ph you can address the issue. The tds of runoff water can clue you in on when to feed (ppm’s will be low if they are hungry) and the ph determines what nutes your plant can absorb and what may be locked out. FF feeding schedule book has an image of how the ph affects nutrients here is one incase you don’t have the booklet.

Side note about pHing water. Any liquid with under 150-200 ppm will not hold its own ph. Instead, it will adopt the ph of whatever medium you pour it into. Lots use Calmag or epsom salt to “harden” the water. Speaking of Calmag….
Beware, Calmag has nitrogen in it. Depending on the brand anywhere from 2-0-0 to 4.5-0-0 (NPK). This is likely why they burned when you gave them the Calmag. FF is already loaded with nutes so when you gave it to them early on they had too much to handle. The leaves that are burnt half way, remove the burnt part, or all of it. This likely caused stresses to the plant which will make them drink more which will cause them to uptake more nitrogen which will cause them more stress and on and on and on, giving you nitrogen toxicity. I circled spots on one of your pics so you will see what I’m talking about. The forest green color combined with this kinda leaf dropping/sharp bending is the smoking gun.

As far as should you begin feeding again, I would. You have some time left to go and they will need fed to continue. Before that though, Have you been following the FF flush schedule? If you haven’t it’s ok, you said you have been 1/2 dosing the feeds but you will need to flush the soil if the ppm’s are too high. Or amend it if ph is too low. Next water, catch the runoff and ph&tds it. What comes out of those readings will determine your next step.
As for the tiger bloom and other nutes. It’s very lucky you got here without a ph pen. Always PH the liquids. Want em between 6.5 and 6.8 for soil cannabis growing. Find where you are on the feeding chart and start there at a 1/4 dose see how she feels about it. Have you any PH up and PH down?

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Apologies for not replying sooner, I work crazy hours!Your name is very fitting with this extensive diagnostic reply! Much thanks for your diagnose. Dennis62 had the “talk” with me that I should change my watering habits and water until runoff. As Hellraiser calls it the “flood and drought” method. Although it fell on deaf ears, as I continued to just water them at night and water them in the morning. Dennis couldn’t believe that they weren’t consuming a gallon each per watering, at that point I started giving them more and measuring 2 cups instead of one cup at night and one cup in the morning which was still way less than advised but more than what I was giving them. (i’ve only given them bottled water since day one, brand-name Poland Spring) As well I was just giving them half dose of those nutes every other watering. Wow have I made a mess of my first grow! My bad, was only taking it slow and studying by selective learning by reading all the posts on these forum’s. I’ve never grown a thing in my entire life, these are the first three plants ever. I think I came upon you in the nick of time. The SS Auto’s fan leaves have all been affected, most plain yellowing just started happening within the last week or two(I thought it was due to the end of the lifecycle of the plant being close to harvest)(The nute burn came in two stages, one very early and one about five weeks ago) This is the sickest this plant has ever looked, all of the fan leaves are heavily infected.

I have two other plants and one has always had huge massive green leaves and the other has always had skinny lanky leaves, they’re both super skunk photos but they appear to be two totally different strains because I guess the appearance of leaves are so much different. They have both had the same water the same nutes and the same lighting other than the large one that I just flipped to 12/12 as it’s a bit older and about 9 inches taller. Just this morning I took the two very top large leaves off of the larger plant, I previously took about a dozen off of both. The smaller one with the lanky leaves just this morning developed a yellow leave looking like a nitrogen mishap? I just gave them both some nutes this morning,m just about 3/4 of a cup and then plain water to all of them. Amazingly both seeds came out of the same envelope and they have both looked totally different since day one, The older big one with huge dark green leaves and the younger one like I said with a very skinny long semi green leaves sometimes canoeing (I raised the light higher when that happened but it happens quite a bit and now with that yellow leave.

I think I have the correct measuring tools you spoke of but I never took the time to learn how to use them. I’ll try my best to learn how as you make it sound very important. In the meantime I’m going to lay off the nutes for a bit.Thanks Doc!
These are the meters that I have and this is the brand Calmag I’ve been using.
What brand PH up and down should I buy?, and is there somewhere I can buy these feeding charts and the other charts I may need?thx


I missed this for a couple days. I’m gonna reply after I’m done with my house chores.

Don’t fret, your doing great! Nitrogen toxicity isn’t the worst thing to have going on. I had the same issue in my gdp grow and it went largely unnoticed. All 5 plants had it. They still came out FIRE, and after a good and proper cure, smoked smooth as a lifeguards legs! There are a ton of worse issues IMO. Being aware of it will make the difference. If your aren’t aware that’s when you go to fix some other problem that showed with more problem :slight_smile:

Not your bad, just the opposite, your good! That’s what I did also! Cost me 500 bucks, but I got a nifty seedling light and a 4 inch fan that’s louder then both my ac infinity fans running top speed at the same time. I’ll use that 2.3x2.3 tent for a single plant someday. And good lord did I learn from it.

Fortunately, burnt leaves won’t kill your grow. I’ll show you what I mean.

I burnt her hard by rushing into the nutes. Went full feed first feeding into flower, to be clear full feed with full p and k boosters. It was like 1000ppm to heavy. Took 3 weeks of flower time to get her looking busted but happy. Harvest tomorrow.

I see them, very healthy looking and tall! Couple comments, 1) it’s not uncommon to get multiple phenotypes. A lot of times it depends on where u get the seeds. If the breeder has been working with a strain for a while you will get “stabilized genetics” and all that means is they have selectively bred out weaker phenotypes from the gene pool. (Weaker being in the eye of the beholder, whatever they thought was a good trait vs a bad one. Different strokes for different folks) I’m not sure if ILGM breeds all the seeds they sell or not but I have read and seen a lot of times where the pro’s complain about the stability of ILGM’s genetics. In example. The plant above is the same strain as this lil lady:

both are Bruce Banner Autoflower.
2) With Photo period plants you will want to flip to flower once the plants are 1/2 the size you have space for. They will double in height during “the stretch”, a rapid height gain following the beginning of flower. I do not know how tall your space is but they are getting pretty tall. Your auto will be unaffected if you change to 12/12 for your photo’s.

You look good for gear but you are gonna need to crash course on using them.
Got a couple video’s for ya.

Don’t let the cannabis lifestyle dudes fool you, they look like stoners, because they are, but they know how to grow what they are clearly fried on.
Your mission- calibrate your ph meter, set up a way to catch your run off. Ph water to 6.8 and ppm of at least 200ppm but less then 300ppm. use small amounts of Calmag or PURE epsom salt to get you there. , record those figures, water till runoff, then do the same to the run off. Gotta get an idea of what’s goin on in your soil right now, to determine your next step.
As far as brand of ph up and down, I use general hydroponics. You will use vast quantities more of ph up then ph down. You can get away with a pint bottle of ph down, do yourself a favor with the ph up and get a gallon. It’s like 30.00 on Amazon and if you plan on growing after this run, you will want that gallon size. I suggest same with nutes but a gallon of either of the Fox Farm liquid trio costs 55 bucks each, I got two grows out of the quart size bottle of the Big Bloom still have half the quart of the other two. Kinda spendy when you think of 165.00 dollars at one time.
The last thing I suggest to do is fill out this support ticket I’ll paste in bellow. All that info will be needed to better figure what if anything needs done.
I speak in the same way as I type, quite technical I’ve been told. Had that nickname for almost 20 years now. Happy to help, and if I don’t know, I know a few on the boards who can. You got this! I’m set to watching this thread so I’ll get notified if you reply so I won’t miss you for two days again. Sorry bout that. Have fun!
COPY/PASTE: This “Support Ticket” into your forum post.
Answer these simple questions the best you can.
If you do not know, or do not use something; Just say so = NA

Strain; Type, Bag seed, or NA

Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco?
System type?

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS

Indoor or Outdoor
Light system, size?

Temps; Day, Night

Humidity; Day, Night

Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,

Co2; Yes, No

Add anything else you feel would help us give you a most informed answer. Feel free to elaborate, but short, to the point questions and facts will help us help you smile

You didn’t pour 3/4 cup raw nutrient on your plant did you?

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Wow, no kidding? Good to know!!!


Good morning Doc,
Just wanted to take a minute hit you with a reply before I head off to work to say thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to help my grow. Please don’t put more important things to the side thinking I may get upset If it takes you a few days for a reply. With that being said I’m so excited, my second plant started flowering. I flipped it on May 26 and the white pistols I saw last night looked as they been growing for a few days, so it only took about 7 or 8 days to start flowering, that’s incredible! And yes Dennis informed me to top my plants at half the height I want them as they will double when they start flowering, I botched that also and didn’t top it until it already was way too big. I didn’t have any distilled water so I was unable to do the calibrating on the meters. I’m going to get that today and hit that task when I get home. I watched those 3 videos and they were very informative. I’m going to watch a lot more of those videos from the "short and tall guy. I bought a gallon of PH up and a quart of pH down, boy was you right on the pricing, if I had bought it by the half pint, pint or quart, the gallon would have cost about $80, instead it was only $30 by the gallon. Hey, have to leave for work, i’ll do a thorough reply to your post as soon as I get a chance, thanks again Doc!, and No, I didn’t give the plants a half cup of pure nutrients, it was mixed with H2O silly! LOL

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Vava, Love your Ying Yang!


Hey Doc!, :wink:
I’ve got some numbers for you, I don’t think they look that good unfortunately:
btw SS=Super Skunk.
The SS auto (The one with the big cola)

The SS photo (The oldest largest)

The SS photo (smallest, youngest, slender leaves)

Strain; Super Skunk(auto and photo)


Soil in pots:50/50 mix FFHF/FFO

System type? 3 Gallon fabric pots

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? See above.

Nutrient brand: Foxfarm Trio

What is strength of nutrient mix?
1/3-1/2 Recommended dose

Indoor or Outdoor: indoor

Grow Tent: AC Infinity 733

Light system, size?

Temps; Day, 81°-88° Night 70°+

Humidity; Day55-65, Night 50’s

Ventilation system; Yes,
Brand: AC infinity T6 w/filter and Pre-filter for exhaust. Temp runs hot, will be adding a T4 with split line for fresh air at base.

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, No

Co2; Yes, No: No

Bottled wWater: PH: 6.4-6.9

After flushing the pots, very small roots are showing on the surface, as well because of settling in the last couple months the soil is about an inch to two lower in the pot, as well going around the edges, I can stick all my fingers in the space between the pot and the soil. Should I or can I add more FFHF and fill in the sides and bring up the surface an inch over top of exposed small roots? I topped the smallest photo plant today and defoiled it as well as the bigger photo. Can add more information if you need it, as well as updated photos.
(I’ll post a rack of photos ASAP) they all look pretty good, haven’t given any of them nutrients in a couple days due to not having any PH up or down until Amazon delivers on Tuesday. Also had to again tie up the SS auto’s cola higher with fishing line due to weight and size of it. So cool!

Doc, thank you very very much for your time and concern with my first grow! It means more to me than you’ll ever know. (and thanks again Dennis62 for getting me this far in the grow to begin with)Thx Guys!!

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What was the waters ppm count? If it is below 150-200ppm it won’t hold the ph. What was 6.4 ph going in will immediately change to whatever your soil is which by the looks of your notes, in the neighborhood of 5. Gonna tag in @ Low @Covertgrower @PurpNGold74 and @Hellraiser can any of you suggest the next step for this grower? The ticket is filled out above this post.
These board members are straight pro’s and will for sure get your plant and soil straightened out.
With ppm counts like that you should continue to hold off the feedings till these folks have had a chance to check over your info. I’m just not sure what direction I would go. Also don’t know if I would put the happy frog on top right now. If it was FFOF I’d say no too much nitrogen at this time, but I don’t know the makeup of FFHF to say it would be safe.

If there is some loose soil on the top scoop a bit of it to cover the roots. You could cover it with perlite if you wanted, not sure it’s necessary. one of those I tagged will shoot ya straight about that too. Your welcome for my past helps and too future ones as well. Makes me feel good to pay it forward. @Covertgrower @low and others hooked me up with the helps, inspires me to do the same. Continue the chain brother.