1st timer, Help greatly appreciate

@Hawkeye_diesel you do. It sound like a beginner and you definitely seem to know what you are doing

If you are talking about a Mars 300 model, that is only actallu 140 watts. The Mars 600 is 270 watts FYI. They do make other models, so maybe you are talking about a 300 watt lamp. Just a heads up. :slight_smile:

I do what? I’m not as experienced as some of the others on here, I’m having a slight problem right now, but because it slipped my mind I forgot to order a new phone meter, so it should be here tomorrow. Haha

Of course you may not be as experienced as some people on here but I see you have skills and know what you are doing.

Oh ok. I appreciate it brother, thanks.
I try my best

I transplant from soil to my DWC buckets all the time. You’re going to probably want to wait until you transplant it though, it’s not developed enough to really handle the move, in my opinion. I usually wait until they have 2-3 nodes before I transplant to 5 gallon DWC buckets.

What you could do, is what I’m doing currently. I have my sprouts in a bubble cloner, which is essentially just a mini DWC setup. Check out the thread, DIY Bubble Cloner.


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I moved the plant to the Mars Hydro light and this is it today https://gyazo.com/33d66533e6bb24b854a720ee119d4a9c

Is the stretching something that it can recover from or is this plant pretty screwed?

If you get the light right and have a small breeze, you should be able to carry on without any problems. The growing stretch will stop with a closer(or more intense) light, use your hand as discussed earlier and/or a breeze from a small fan.

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If the stretching is working you, you can try this, this is what I do to help little seedlings stability. Get a toothpick and carefully pit it next to the seedling and take either a plant twisty tie or a.brwad twist tie (what I use) and gently use the tie and toothpick to stabilize it. Gently more the toe around the stem, not too tight, but snugly. If you have any questions or need that explained better, I’m not good at articulating what’s in my head to on paper, just @ myself and I can post pictures of what I meant. I hope this helps brother.

As my neighbor TxGrowman said a very light breeze on those little seedlings will help strengthen their stem, doesn’t need to be very much, I have mine where they look like they are lightly shivering and the stretching will stop when the light is the right amount away from her without hurting her. I’m not familiar with led’s. I wish I could be more help. I’m usually always around if you have any questions, you’re more than welcome to ask me, but I’m currently only on my second grow, but this place is heaven for new growers.


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Were Everywhere.:imp::innocent::wink::grinning:,


@Hawkeye_diesel, This thread has been seriously hijacked . So start a fresh on in the hydro

section And i’d be more than happy to answerer any and all questions i can, .Ilove RDWC

and have done a fair bit .So start your thread. And @Hammer .Me and i’ll chime in ,thanx for

your understanding in this matter.


Hey BMB, from that stage Bill, I put mine in a 16 oz styro-foam cup, with a 1/4" slit at the bottom so that roots can escape but pebbles stay in and fill in with Hydroton pebbles and place that in a plastic bowl with with 3" hole in lid and an air stone in bowl, with 1/4 str. nute. solution and 1 tsp. of sm90/ gal… Top water once a day until Roots pop out of the cup into Ur solution… At that point you are good to go but remember when U transfer them to the larger Net pot Bucket lids, U will need to run Ur water level high enough to keep your new roots moist… I leave mine in the Styro. until they are 8/10" long so when I transfer, the roots are dangling under the Basket so they go right to town!! Hope this helps