1st timer growing NL and AK-47 autos

I agree, I am using happy frog 5-5-5 dry fertilizer, the results are incredible…


I have my new toys!

These are 3 weeks from seed. I guess I’m happy with the size but I’m really hoping they reach the net so I can practice with it. I haven’t watered for a few days because I wet it well around all the stakes. As you can tell, I’m not like these guys doing such awesome hardware, exhaust fans, etc… I do plan on adding a vent to the top of the closet with a small fan (this is mainly for the photos so I can keep it dark for 12 hours). I hope my spouse never logs on to see my ‘plan’.
Any advice and help is appreciated! Thanks much for the help so far too!
(edit, I forgot the pic)


I didn’t spend much on the meters above so I hope they are accurate or close to it. I’d like to test our home water with the water tester. It states it can test drinking water. I’d like to see the change from unfiltered to filtered for both the ice and drinking and cooking water.

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Did pH meter come with some type of a calibration solution ? (Often it’s a powder packet you mix with water)

Yes it did. I calibrated it. My water is at 5.99

tools!!! glad you got them @Ketel!! are you using soil? your grow is looking great…which ones are northern lights?

The last several grows, I have been using a 10-15% run-off system to water and it has almost ended my problems with pH and over/under watering. Basically, what I do is when I water, I make sure that there is a run-off of 10-15% of water/fertilizer out the bottom. That prevents the salts from the fertilizer from accumulating and making the pH go up or down. It can be a large shift, even when you are watering with pH water at 6.5. I sometimes water in my bathtub to really let it flow through.

This system prevents over watering by paying attention to the weight of the cloth pots. When you water and allow the run-off, you can tell how much it weights full. Then you can lift the pot 1-2 days later and see how much weight is lost. It doesn’t take too long to realize when water is needed. Of course, watch the leaves for signs of watering problems. The ‘Guides’ section at the top of the page has a section called ‘Symptom Checker’ that helps identify problems with leaves and the plants. I reference it all the time.

Using this system, I also check the last part of the run-off for pH, giving me an idea of how effective my watering is. This is a lot of information but I hope is helps. My grow journal “Strawberries in the Grow Box” shows what the watering system has done to my plants. Hope this helps. Jerry


You’re going to want to bring your water up closer to 6.5 …6.3- 6.6 is best zone to be in using soil, you’re a little low, good luck

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They still haven’t reached the top

I LST’d them some. 3 are really nice tough stems, the other one still very wide open on it’s own. I left the led on just so I could see, I know they look nicer with no led tho. It’s only 22 days and nothing taking off at all. I’ll just hope for the stretch to send out some shoots.

This is aka parsley:

Do these look about right for 22 days? I’m worried about lowering light again until they flower. I’m still using 60% power at about 26". I could turn it on full power if it’s advised.


It’s a go for cranking this LED to full power :grinning::+1::ok_hand: @Ketel

~Al :v: :innocent:

ok, thanks @Niala, light on 100%.

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You’re welcome :innocent: :v:

crank em’ up! @Ketel i’m interested in seeing some explosive growth!!

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They are filling in better from above.


It’s so easy to say but so hard to be patient. You are doing good there ! Keep it going.


Still so small and dense (imo). I wanted to tuck leaves to get more light to the new branches but I didn’t see a good way to do it so I tried wrapping the leaves (or whatever it’s called). I hope it helps. All and all I think they are doing ok but lmk about things that I’m doing wrong or can do better.

Lots more pics. Today is day is exactly 4 weeks. I’m now happy to see a lot of shoots on the sides I’m training. I know it’s early but in the last 2 days I’ve noticed growth, 2 plants seemed an inch in a day. What do you think so far? I just stick with the FF BB and GB until I notice flowers? Pretty fancy tarp, right? It would have cost me an extra day to shop got a nicer looking water catching base. The sit on strips of Styrofoam to keep off the bottom water. I can’t help the stake in front of pic because It’s my support for net.


I LOVE IT, they are looking awesome, you will have some tasty stuff there, I have plant envy, laughs :evergreen_tree:

Looks good

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