1st Timer eager to harvest

Maybe too eager??? 95 days from planting. WWA Outdoor grow. I see cloudy trichs and brown pistils. Are we ready to harvest?

I don’t know nuthin’ from nuthin’ yet, but I see white pistils and few/no amber trichs… I believe the more experienced will say you got some time… (So far, I’ve guessed wrong once today already) :wink:


Need a close-up of the trich’s? How many weeks since pistils started on tops? Don’t be impatient. The greatest yield and potency increases occurs in the last couple of weeks

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You got a couple of weeks to go. They’ll explode and double in size when you are nearly done. Don’t get impatient and lose out on all the good sweetness and end up with a harvest of small buds that end up smelling and tasting like hay. Just saying

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OK I’ll wait a couple more weeks. Thanks for the advice. I’ll try to get better pics of the trichs. They look cloudy but no amber right now.

I’ve never seen an outdoor harvest that wasn’t Rotty when it’s ready! That’s not ready by my standards.

Ya mean bud rot? No signs of any yet.

Been about 3 weeks since any pistils started going brown.

No hint of amber on the trichs yet 95 days today from sprout WWA 3 more weeks I guess?

was it a happy ending, I want to hear the final countdown and how she turned out. I am about 3 weeks behind where you are in this pics.

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Yeah not too good. got 2oz from 4 plants.Mostly larffy loose flowers. Hung it in my closet to dry and didn’t check it the first full day…should have! Over dryed it! only one overnight and a full next day. Taste is just ok. does give you a buzz though not that hard.
Learned alot…got 3 Bubblegum autos coming up now.

#1 you need to watch the buds for Amber’s in tricombs, until then just wait.

#2 know your timeline roughly and flush 2 weeks prior to guessing of finish flush your plants. Your leaves shouldn’t be that green, your plant should be eating its self and basically only buds are left otherwise all those nutrients are now in the green and the bud and your smoking it.

#3 dry properly, in the dark hang the whole plant upside down until the twigs SNAP.

#4 jar it with a humidor, burp it keeping it at 62% humidity. It won’t be ready to smoke for a month.
Wait 2 months before you smoke it before that should only taste it

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Nice explanation @Nicky thanks!

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