1st timer doing 16 autos at same time. 100% organic grow


These are the 4 blueberry autos can someone explain why the one is so much bigger and stringy looking.THESE ARE THE NORTHERN LIGHTS AUTOS. JUST LOOKING FOR THOUGHTS ON THE 1st timers lot got 4 lowrider autos and 4 Amnesia haze too all are same age except the lowriders they are a week younger than the others i ran out of time trying to photograph them this morning lights out At 8:00am when they wake up ill take the pics of the haze and Lr this afternoon and post


@dowencarson they look great! What is your light system?


Mixing leds and hps total wattage 3200. 600+450 hps 1800watt cob/cree red spectrum 600watt mars full spec and 300 watt mars full spec.

going to add anoth 600 watt hps soon


@dowencarson awesome. How high do you have lights above canopy? They look a little high which is why you may have some stretching of plants


I waant sure at first how far to keep them or that as seedlings they dont need 3200 watts so i started with 20 and after the lights being 13” away at the start they are now 20-24” away from canopy if i lower them my babies start to wilt but where they are now is where my ladies are happiest. I also spent 1k$ on 7 stage R/O system for my house wich killed 3 of the 4 the other 1 is a lowrider that i thought was dead but i switched from ro to OZARKA NATURAL SPRING Water that is bottled right here in my home state and ill be damned if it didnt jump right back in it. She is only about 8” tall but she is solid bud on every branch. Stupid RO is not good for cannabis at least not in 100% organic grows such as mine


What can i do about the ones that have streched are they worth finishing


No feeding req with autos soil is organicly nuted for 12 week grow


Water only every other day since my humidity is so low average 36-45%


@dowencarson your height may be good then, it just looked very high in pictures! I think the autos, since they are a cross, some have more sativa traits and some habe sativa traits which may account for the stretch.
@bob31 @dbrn32 @Covertgrower @Donaldj what.do you guys think?


@Countryboyjvd1971 hope this is it


Perfect @dowencarson
Give me a little time to read throughthe thread buddy
So all in all your girls look good from the pictures you posted
I think @VelcroThumb hit the mark on the streaching
Try moving light closer next go around
With hps if you put hand above canopy and it to hot for the back side of your hand its too hot and close for plant leds are tricker since they don’t produce as much heat but since your mixing I would keep leds and hps fixtures at same level
What ar wtou phing water to ?


Not phing the water i have ph meter that sticks in soil they are all at 6-7 ph the ozarka comes at 6.5 ph but they seem to thrive extremely well with it


@dowencarson most people who use those soil meters say they are notoriously inaccurate. I couldnt say from experience. You may want to do a slurry test on your soil. Test your runoff. If you are watering with 6.5 and your runoff comes out low, then your soil ph may be very low. Vice versa if it comes out higher
@bob31 can offer more insight on that i believe


I think the specially formulated organic soil i use is the perfect soil for organics like i said never grown anything before 10-15-17 heard about this soil from my mom its expensive 20$ per 5lbs but 5lbs is good for upto 15 weeks i used 3.5 lbs in each plant and since it is to strong to plant seedlings in i started them in jiffy pots3 with cocoloco and then done a layering method i seen my mom do using the supersoil and cocoloco


Just a fyi those dual probe soil meters are notoriously inaccurate
I suggest to buy a digital meter
From experience ph is one of the biggest factors i see that causes all sorts of issues
Just a heads up
In aoil ph range 6.3-6.8 is best also @dowencarson


@dowencarson you may want to test the ph of that soil mix. Most of us use fox farm which is ph’d between 6.3 and 6.8. Your soil may be very “hot”


Save your money. They don’t work. pH the water in and check runoff pH. 10x more reliable! @dowencarson @VelcroThumb


@VelcroThumb good point
A slurry test would be good for knowing the soil ph level
As far as soil be hot you need to test ppm to determine that using a tds meter
They sell inexpensive kits that have bith tds and ph meter for under 30$ on Amazon and I recommend you pick up a set :+1: @dowencarson


Thanks not sure how tondo run off test sounds easy enough but i never water to run off each plant gets 4.5 cups water every other day never had any problems with watering or the girls looking thirsty but my mom says 4.5 cups every other day is all the water most young plants will ever need in 5 gal planters it will increase to 6 cups per for the last 3 wweks before harvesting my soil comes phed at 7 and my water is a 6.5ph the digital meter is on the list for next supply run


When toung to definitely dont want to over water moms right there @dowencarson
When they are mature and thriving I recommend you water till run off every time
To sure you dont have dry spots in medium
Most of use use the soft pits which helps the soil dry out if in plastic pots dry time will be increased