1st timer correcting light distance issue

I am new to this and thought I had everything set but my light was too far away.
Day 3 of sprout
Auto ak, blueberry, Acapulco gold, cookie and skunk #1
Fox farm ocean forest
77 degrees
57% humidity
Light fan
Ph unknown atm

I had the light too far, just fixed it and put light fan on them. Any help greatly appreciated! Thanks


Welcome they look okay but don’t keep them too wet right now

you could put maybe a half an inch of soil on top if you want, I recommend small wooden kebob-style skewers to support seedlings if needed, hope this helped

  • best wishes!

Thanks so much. Just did as you suggested.

You’re welcome glad I could help! …I have that same heater, works well

I would be giving those plants in that situation maybe 5-10 milliliters every 12 hours or so but check it before you add it and keeping the fan on very lightly is a good idea

you look good :blush:
Welcome @Paranorman gave solid advice
Happy growing bro :+1::v:


Thanks @Countryboyjvd1971 and @Paranorman means tons to hear that. I just spent a week and a half reading as much as I could while developing a strategy. I find this a really uplifting experience it’s probably something I have wanted to do for about 20 years but never did :slight_smile:


Oh then your in trouble your going to get addicted to this lol
Have a great time bro

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Oh now @Paranorman @Countryboyjvd1971 another like minded information junkie. It’s OK @Fever were not from the government and we’re here to help!

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@Paranorman gave you good advice. But you really need to transplant them into larger pots or into their final grow pot.
and bury them an inch from the top of there leaves.
This will give them much better support and better root system. You may want to invest in a light for vegg .a 400 watt hps and a 600w or even 800 watt hps for flower. here is a link. I use these for my grows.


You really need one of these



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@garrigan62 here is the update. I was plannng on transplanting when the food leaves fell off meaning when they get to veg.

Then to 3 gallon before I change the light cycle for flower. For that I am getting full spectrum led light. Does that sound like a good plan?

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Yes that’s perfect. veg for 4 to 6 weeks before switching to flower unless your growing auto’s. then they’ll flower when there ready on there own.


Just transplanted my auto :slight_smile: this will be its final home. @garrigan62

Thanks Will!!

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Looks real good just water every 2 or 3 day not real wet ok and no nutreints…ok

and they are auto good to know



@Paranorman @Majiktoker @bob31


Looking good there! Is there anything we need to look for? My eye sight isn’t so good, lol

Nice look at them go! Good job @Fever

Nope nothing to see other than I’m starting to get more mature with my setup oh and the progress :wink:

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Looking good @Fever

@Fever looking good you have great help if you ever need anything there’s a lot of people who will be more than happy to help you out

Looking for some of that great help.

Transplanted 3 days ago.
2 are drooping 1 is curling up.
Added more lights and heat went up to 83-85. Saw the curling and drooping and removed the light. Back to 79 degrees. Checked ph not runoff see attached photo. @Paranorman @garrigan62 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Majiktoker