1st time Please Help!

This is my first ever attempt at growing and im having some major issues i have 2 that have barely made it past there first 5 leaves before turning brown with minimal green left and one that has developed orangeish brown spots and begun to wilt I have attached a pic of the one with brown spots i have them in fabric pots with FoxFarm Ocean Forest Potting Soil I mist daily with a 600w full spectrum led light that is on for 16 hours temp is 68 at night and 72 in the day (Fahrenheit) I have not added any nutrients yet for fear that it could be nutrient burn

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Are you aware of what your PH is? And to me it kinda looks like Potassium deficiency but ill tag in a couple guys that would know. @dbrn32 @Countryboyjvd1971


ph is between 6 and 8 from what i can tell thank you

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You’ll solve you plants problems if you dial in your water’s pH water. You want it to be 6.5.

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what do you suggest is the best way to do this

You can buy some pH maintenance supplies on Amazon or at a local garden store. You need a pH meter and pH up/down. This is my list of growing supplies on Amazon. The pH meter, along with a ppm meter, is available for about $22; and the pH up and down solution can be gotten for about $22.

When I water my plants, I fill up a 5 gallon bucket and test the pH. It is usually around 8 for my well water. I then add pH down until the pH of the water is 6.5 if in soil like ocean forest.

A popular watering technique is called drought to flood. You wait until the top 1/2" to 1" of soil is bone dry, then you water the plant slowly with a significant amount of water until about 10% of what you put in comes out the bottom. Then you measure the pH of the water (called runoff) that comes out the bottom. You want it to be between 6.2 and 6.8. Then you don’t water again until that top layer is bone dry. If your runoff pH was in that range, next time you water again, water with 6.5pH, If it’s under 6.2, water with 6.8; if its over 6.8, water with 6.2.

If you water FFOF consistently with 6.5 pH water with this method, you won’t need any nutrients until flowering and your plant will do great.

Your plants look like they will be due for a transplant to a bigger pot soon.

Good luck. We are here to help. Reach out with any questions.


Hello and welcome to the forum! The easiest way to adjust ph would be with solution specifically designed to so. If you don’t already, a digital ph testing tool would help a lot too.

Do you shop on Amazon?

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Hey mate, can you discuss other seed suppliers if you dont put the link up, need to warn people off these suppliers who i have had trouble with over the last year.
Also @Ravenna make sure you get the best PH pen you can afford not a cheap one.

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I’m not aware of any rules that say you can’t share an experience with another supplier. That being said, keep it clean and respectful please.


Maybe i should start another thread on these dudes @MattyBear

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Members lounge, green room.

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About other seed providers that i have had bad custom with :-1:

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First I want to welcome you to our world of growing here at ILGM . " WELCOME RAVENNA "

Well from what I see some body gave these plants something to eat .With the soil being to hot for seedling then adding nutrient well this is what happends.
So my guess is that you also gave them a shot oh nutrient some where down the line.
But be it as it may. Stop feeding and flash them out using P H water just do it once to get all the salt out of the root ball once you get a reading of around 6,5 or very nere that number you’ll be good to go.

Here are a couple of pic please take a look

A magnesium deficiency, as manganese deficincies are mostly characterized
by interveinal chlorosis which is a yellowing of the leaves between the
veins with the veins remaining green. The browning spots is called marginal
necrosis which is usually caused by a calcuim or magnesium deficiency.

A magnesium deficiency can be quickly resolved by watering with 1 tablespoon
Epsom salts/gallon of water. Until you can correct nutrient lockout, try foliar
feeding. That way the plants get all the nitrogen and Mg they need. The plants
can be foliar fed using ½ teaspoon/quart of Epsom salts (first powdered and
dissolved in some hot water). When mixing up soil, use 2 teaspoon dolomite lime
per gallon of soil.
If the starting water is above 200 ppm, that is pretty hard water, that will
lock out mg with all of the calcium in the water. Either add a 1/4 teaspoon per
gallon of epsom salts or lime (both will effectively reduce the lockout or invest
into a reverse osmosis water filter.
Mg can get locked-up by too much Ca, Cl or ammonium nitrogen. Don’t overdo Mg or
you’ll lock up other nutrients.

Calcium deficiencies are difficult to distinguish visually as excess calcium may
produce deficiencies in magnesium and potassium.


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