1st time outdoor grow

Good day guys… 1st off wanna say thank you to all the people on here giving out such great advice and thank you for this platform…

I live in South Africa, a buddy of mine gave me a bubble gum auto seed and I thought I’d grow it outdoors, getting a grow tent from the same buddy in the next 2 months as he’s finishing off a photo amnesia haze and he’s upgrading his tent … He also gave me a bit of soil, which he uses for his plants and has had great success… I can vouch lol…i put the seed in the ground on the 1st of Sep and not sure why the first 2 leaves are yellow and dying… The rest of the plant seems fine but after looking at plants on here at 2 weeks mine seems a bit slow…gets about 10 - 12 hours direct sunlight.also have humidity dome over Have not added any nutes, spraying the soil lightly with 6.8ph distill water…I will appreciate any advice…not sure if I did this right also?

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Try some rain water, it’s richer that distilled with nitrogen, yellow usually means N depletion. A touch of calcium nitrate (CaNO3) would also work wonders, I don’t advise full strength formulas for sprouts and seedlings, but that little guy looks hungry. pH and ppm are the two most important things that need monitoring, you can also purchase a kit for testing NPK values in soil, but make sure you shake the P test vile vigorously for at least a minute, otherwise the reading will be dangerously off, causing one to make a false nutrient correction.
Another thing you’ll need is a jeweler’s loupe or better to monitor the leaf undersides for parasitic insects. Ya gotta watch over them like children!

Thanks for the reply… Only got to reading abt this added fert in soil afterwards and it says don’t need to feed for 5 months and figrd if my buddy is using it then it should be fine… Also it’s an auto and scared to transplant…I’m worse than a parent with this plant…dont think I’ve worried this much with anything else in my life😂 I’ve also read that when those specific leaves start to yellow then the plant is using it up… But this seems to young for that stage? Or am I just over worrying? Will get that cal nitrate tomorrow

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Everything looks normal to me.

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Talking bwt these bad boys…

Phew.:sweat_smile:Thanks man…

For CaNO3 as an available source of immediate N boost, I wouldn’t use more than 2 g. pr. gallon especially for a seedling, and it’s not recommended to use any fertilizer for germination and seedlings.

Plus that’s not great canabis soil it’s got 5 months of time released nutes in it …means u can’t drop the nitrogen in flower unless u transplant into a more weed friendly dirt or atleast some regular potting soil with a 50 50 perlite that’s 10 bucks or less

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Looks happy, and the sun is awesome but start out slow… artificial lights can give just the light a plant wants so get a jump start seems to me. Mine at two weeks

@fano_man after reading on here I realized this soil is crap… Is it too late to transplant her now at just over 2 weeks? Been reading that auto’s are prone to shock… @dldesedare they look so beautiful and thought mine were looking very slow for 2 weeks compared… So is it normal to be this slow for our doors?

Naw your still good your not to far Into it to shock em badly if you use a mycrozae enriched soil such as fox farm wight warrior you can mix that 50 50 with foxfarm strawberry feild with is a rich flowering dirt put the strawberry feild in the bottom and the light warrior on top …it will greatly benefit you to do this asap the root system us still small I suggest u soak the whole pot under water in a bucket and knead the dirt ball to get the dirt from the roots and put the plant as clean as u could get it into the light warrior and watch her explode mycrozae prevents transplant shock Bd light warrior is chock full if it it’s about 16 buck on amazon deliver to the door as well as strawberry feild… do this asap and 5 gal pots are plenty big enough I flower in 2 and 3 gallons pots

The first 2 round leaves always turn yellow and die when new seedlings sprout the plant feeds off them until they have developed a good enough root system to feed from soil.

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@fano_man I’m in South Africa and shipping from Amazon would take upto 2 months to arrive here…tried our stores here and got something very similar…

it is 50/50 as you suggested… Run the pot under water until it was loose and bobed it in a bowl of water till I got every bit of that other soil out…fingers crossed nw

I was freaking out abit coz I’ve seen big plants and they still green at like 3-4 weeks Old… In regards to the artifical lighting would you say 2 or 3 CFL bulbs to bulk her up indoors then move her outdoors to finish?

She will catch up, they always do

There should be a bacterial content per cu/ft look for a waters soluble mycrozae and bacillus product to boost you rizosphere if your going with living soil that’s what’s living in there mycrozae and bacillus strains

Botanicare makes one I like microbelifes foliar spray and root dip, rapid start I think has it theres a bunch of root boosters

Hello all! Small update…

think she is taking well to this soil… @fano_man thanks for tips bro… The lady there actually gave me some root hormone powder for free😁

She talk to u in canabis terms or was she vague and non canabis specific I’m strait up I say to em I’m growing weed and they then show me different sshelfs