1st Time. Northern Lights Auto. Indoor

Hello Friends!

I started out this little venture of mine, a complete newb to growing marijuana. Unfortunately When I started this process, I didn’t have allot of time to devote to plant maintenance, so I decided to go with an auto strain. I knew through research and study that there was still basic tending needed even for an auto, but it seemed less complicated than a standard grow. I needed a strain that was forgiving of the constant mistakes that new growers make, and this strain has lived up to that so far.

(NL-Auto: 3 days old x 2:

I received three seeds in my order. Two of the three seeds germinated. I used the 24 hour water soak method for my germination process. These two seeds germinated very quickly, and sprouted within a couple days. The sprouted seeds were planted directly into miracle grow potting soil. My light system throughout this process has been 3x Phillips 100w CFL 6500k 1600 lumens per plant, and one 12w full spectrum LED grow bulbe(experimental)

To water during this stage, I used a sprayer bottle. Aside from the initial soil flush, I never allowed the top soil to try out, spraying the entire area several times a day. I did not encounter any issues with this method.

(NL-Auto: One Week old:

Both plants are looking heathy, with good color and fast growth. I am not using any veg nutrients, only the nutrients in the potting soil.

I have switched to watering with a turkey baster now, focusing the watering on the stem area of the plant and watering twice(two full basters per watering) every day, combined with the sprayer for soil moistness. I have not had any problems with this method.

(NL-Auto: Week two:

Both plants seem to be growing well and fast. Starting to deal with under watering issues at this point… learning how often, how much etc… Can’t say I ever really found a good balance, just started waiting for the top inch of soil to feel dry.

(NL-Auto: Week three:

Due to watering issues, I believed I have slowed the growth a bit. While they still look healthy and I do not see signs of overwhatering, the growth has not been as fast this week.

(NL-Auto: Week four:

Saw a tremendous growth spurt through this week. Plants more than doubled in size. I allowed the plants a three day dry spell, and they exploded with growth. A clear sign I was overwatering.

(NL-Auto: Week five:

Plants continue to grow at a very fast rate. Recording about an inch of growth per day at this point. Began to have issues with root lock because of the containers I had them in, so I had to preform a transplant. Although I heard autos do not like this process, they showed very little signs of stress after the process was complete. Both plants have began the pre-flower process, and are now letting off a nice smell.

(NL-Auto: Week six:

Started dealing with some drainage issues after the transplant. Have started to get yellowing on some of the leaves and leave tips. I have made adjustments accordingly and I believe I have the situation under control. I have not noticed a spread of the yellowing.
Both plants are growing very nicely at this point, but one plant is showing Sativa dominence, while the other is showing Indica dominence. Both seems to be well into the flowering process at this point. According to my calendar I have a month and one week left till harvest, roughly.

(NL-Auto Week Seven.

Unfortunately I am having allot of problems with the smaller plant. It completely stopped all vertical growth after week six, and has remained at its 2 feet in height. I’ve lost most of the large fan leaves, and flowering seems to be a crawl. Most of the roots have rotted and died, and the plant is surviving by only a very small root system at this point. I am unsure if she will survive this last four weeks. I have not been able to determine what the problem is, so at this point I am just hoping for the best possible harvest.

I’ve learned at this point that environment and grow method are extremely important, even for an auto. I really thought this was going to be a simple process… kind of a set it and forget it kind of thing. I was very wrong. I have made countless mistakes during this grow, from the lighting I’ve used, to choosing soil over hydro, to not maintaining proper hummitiy and heat, maintaining root temperature, using the proper soil and nutrients, over and underwater etc…etc… And yet the plants are still alive! I’m honestly shocked that they have survived my mistreatment. I didn’t show this process the proper respect, and I believe my outcome will greatly reflect that.

Next time I do this I’m just going to invest in the right equipment, and do my grow in a more controlled invornment. I’m also going hydro. Soil is a nightmare!

Plant two is now over 3 feet tall, and seems to be health. The plants stocks are very thin though, and apear under developed. I’m unsure if this is simply the strain, or stretching. Neither plants have developed much bud yet, but the process definantly seems to be in motion. I believe I will get a decent harvest off the second plant, or so I hope.

I’ll keep you posted as time moves forward! Thanks!


Pretty plants :heart_eyes:

I have those seeds to grow later this summer, I’ll be following this grow!


Thanks for taking us through the process. I have Northern Autos going as well. Mine are only 2 weeks. Are you using 24 hour light? I’ll be curious how big they finish. I only have 5 feet vertical height.