1st time NLAF Grow


This is my first Northern Lights Auto Grow. Does the lst look correct? Also there are preflowers on it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t even know how to put pics on here can I get some help ppl!?

Need to let the photos finish uploading. There will be a “100%” show when they are finished. Then hit reply.

Drag photo to the text line you wish to post it on, let the photo reach 100% then hit reply.

it keeps doing this and I can’t drag my picture.

Nvrmnd awesome. Does it look ok? Sorry…just kinda excited!

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If you can get a photo under normal light it would help. A chance to practice your new acquired skill


Looks good. In no time, that main cola will head back up towards the light. Think of how you want it to grow, the direction you want to train it, then those side branches will begin to shoot up as well. You will need to tie those down as they grow in order to create and keep your canopy as even as possible.

All the best.

it has preflowers on it. Should I continue to let and should I flip on my bloom switch? I’m using FFOF and bottled water no nutes at all. It’s bn in preflowers going on a week.

Thank you! Got it figured out down below is a better pic. Should I continue to let and throw on my bloom switch yet. She’s bn in preflower for almost a WK.

Thanks for the tip! Probably gonna have to wait to respond but I have a pic of it on the thread now. Any tips and advice would be greatly appreciated.

What’s your max height? She will stretch a bit to make space for the flower buds. That main cola is going to really tower over the other branches.

Im not as experienced, but I would bring it down gently to get as level as possible. Let’s see what others suggest.

I pulled it down more to make the canopy as even as I could. Should I throw on my bloom switch yet which as you can tell I already have

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Great looking work! Once flowering, I give all strength with lights.

Continued success. Keep posted.

Awesome thanks! And I feel dumb for asking so your saying yes to turn on bloom switch?

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Yes when i had blurples i ran both switches on the whole grow start to finish. How big is the tent ur in and how big is the light u have and the kind of light.

600W LED Grow Light with Bloom and Veg Switch Full Spectrum/2x2 Grow tent. Yea it’s a pretty neat process watching and waiting for sure. I’m hoping that I didn’t lst to crazily. Because as you can see there’s a preflower in a portion of the stalk. Any suggestions on what I should do. I’m thinking I messed up on my listing.

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I’d say a little over a ft tall on height…but I think I lst’d wrong you have any suggestions on how I can fix this cuz it looks like it’s going to hav some nice phat buds.

How far along are they. Autos usually will start flower 4 to 6bweeks after they pop from ground. All mine so far are right about 30 days and i see preflowers and pistils. Thats norm. I dont really much do anything with my autos but strip the bottoms some and defol. I did topping on the first set i grew one topped one left alone and i did not notice any differences between the 2 so i figured why cause any stress to the auto if it is gonna be basically the same results. U can do supercropping on autos also and it will help get more to the supercropped buds. I had to do that with alot of the mains it fattens up a little bit but not much in my eyes. I only do it if needed on autos anymore. Photos are a whole new story u can doo all kinds of fun with photos

they all have been going almost 40 days. These are some weird growing plants the one on the left I’ve transplanted twice due to issues with overeaters soil so I put it in FFOF and it started a healthier life right off the bat and I even topped it. It’s a random seed. The one on the right is a seed I got from an 8th I brought at a local dispensary GMO. I don’t see any pollen sacks, so I’m guessing their both females. I’ll take a better pic so you can take a shot at sexing them.