1st time Maui Wowie Grow

Hello Everyone Happy Growing

First time growing MW and a 2nd year outdoor grower in USA, New England. Having bought seeds from ILGM like to ask about other’s experiences. My node growth is very tight/close to main stalk with big fan leaves beneath. All other plants I have grown the node growth shoots out a bit more 45deg or so. Growing about 7 weeks now with some pre-flower showing and planning transition to flower in 2 weeks.
Question is…should I be trimming fan leaves off to allow more light to inner stalks? Fan leaves do provide a purpose (i know they will need to come off later). What are your thoughts?

1st time post as well. if pics uploaded correctly MW is closest corner with attempt at night to take shots…inspired to write so i did…CHEERS



They look good. You’ve got a few weeks left (depending on where in NE), you could try topping, or bending/lst to try and force a few large colas.

Look great and green keep it up :wink:

I agree with @Drinkslinger. I’d focus on getting those bottom shoots up there so you can have a bigger harvest in the fall. Personally, I don’t pull green fan leaves. When they turn yellow and get ready to fall, that’s when I pull them. The only time I’d pull a fan leaf is if it was blocking a bottom shoot from getting sunlight, and even then, it would have to be blocking ALOT of light. But with yours being in pots, you have the option to rotate the plants. This is something I do quite often when growing in pots. Nice choice in the strain btw! Wanted to do MW for quite some time now. Keep us posted on you progress. I’d love to see how those colas look before harvest! Good luck, keep it green buddy!

Awesome man

Thanks Everyone for you advice so far! Just topped this week and transplanted past Sunday to 15gal. I will try to get some extra growth here in next couple weeks.
Season started off rough…cat nibbled some seedlings (lost 1) and mixed some seaweed into 1gal pot soil but added too much as medium became like swap soil where skunk plants grow. Recovered and not doing bad for what i consider end of week 7.

Decided on ILGM variety this year, MW, Blueberry, Goldleaf, LSD, Super Lemon and Durban Poison I got from only produced seed. Check back in with all in another week or so…Big Heat Wave coming to the area.

Hey Drillbit

Rotating pots really help? Does it not confuse plant a little? But you kinda want to rotate 90deg at a time compare to 180deg.

I’ve never had any trouble rotating them. I’d just let it grow for 3weeks to a month and then turn em a bit so the side branches could get that morning sun for about another 3 weeks. Then turn again.

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