1st Time Long Time Thanks are in order GSCX Complete grow (A Community Thread)


  I sprouted three feminized ILGM Girl Scout Cookies EXTREME  photo seeds on 2/14.   Total days from sprout to harvest 130.  Total A++ dry bud weight 2.74lb with 3oz dried sweetleaf trim for extraction.  Height finished at 6'6". Largest cola 18" long 3.5" in diameter and 8" circumference/girth weighing 61g dry.  Two of these giants and 12 similar colas.    Yes 2.7lb with 3 tiny beans.

Happy Frog soil

Three 7 Gallon Plastic pots lifted with large drip trays. Sitting in a 4x4 tub.

The PH in 6.5. PH out 6.0. Tap water is filtered to kill fluoride and other unwanted particles. PPM are stable at 55. The PH out of the tap is 7.5. I have to use ph down on clean water days and ph up on nute days to balance to 6.5. Using Apera ph60 testing unit.

-Nutes- Fox Farms Grow Big lightly through veg. CalMag throught. Flowering using Fox Farms Tiger bloom, Advanced Nutrients Big Bud and Bud Candy. Flushing with AN Flawless Finish. AN Ph up and down when needed.

PPM in 1000-1200 (veg week 3) PPM out 600-800
PPM in 1600-2000 (flower) PPM out 1100-1500

The Bulb and ballast are Dimmable 600-1100 watts with a large reflective white vented hood. The bulbs are 1k watt HPS (flower) and Halogen (veg)

Day and night temp 75-80° Fahrenheit steady (flower)
Day and night temp 75-80° Fahrenheit steady (veg)
Day and night Rh 60-65% (veg) 50-55% (flower)

Room is a custom built 100sqft. box with 8’ceiling. Panda paper and foil for reflection of light. Ventilation system is two 8" temp controlled inline fans. One 420cfpm fan for intake of fresh air. One exhaust fan pulls 420cfpm from the lights hood through ducting out the room into carbon filled filter. Two Stand up oscillating fans blow high and low preventing stagnant air from accumulating. Averaging 550 CO2 ppm level from fresh air during veg. Air conditions are very well controlled.

AC unit is Portable and fully installed. Water and exhaust pipe are vented out with sealed carbon filter. Humidifier is cold steam and holds 2g, one tank lasts weeks during flower (55%rh) and 7 days during veg. (65%rh) Space heater set at 75° in the corner of the room oscillating. Two stand up fans blowing across the room.

Co2 20gal tank with regulator hooked into timer running during flower lights on. Averaging 1100 to 1300ppm. Filled tank 6x during flower. $12 per refill.

 Being my 1st complete grow,  a far more successful harvest than I had ever dreamed, this site is a reflection of the communities effectiveness to converse.

 This thread is a personal thank you to all the knowledge generous growers here that are always willing to answer questions resulting in an Akashic record of information on the topic of MJ.  With a quick search and a few clicks, the free info on this site can turn even the most  novice of black-thumb rookies into a decent grower of a fine product, if the 4 essentials are met.  Lights,  seed genetics, room temp/Rh and 6.5 stable PH.  Of coarse adding nutes is essential as well as other keys to fatten the yield/potency.  

  I especially appreciate the patience of those answering the same question to different people on the daily without the ubiquitous condescension from other sites similar to this one.  The topics can range from as shallow as a mud puddle to as deep as an ocean. Let's talk DIY lights for example.  Lamens terms are used when needed and L33T speak happens when two or more topic specialized pros discuss things way out of my league, but may be highly helpfull to others on the next level of learning.   

  My harvest and success is the culmination of your successes that you have documented over the last 10 years or so via in-depth threads.  I have been surfing the forum and guides here for the last 6 months and have soaked up as much info as I can to translate your depth of knowledge to my great grow.   I only employed a few of the advanced tactics I read about (didn't have the intestinal fortitude to risk the shock to the girls) here but, on my next grow I know I have the confidence to try some of the tricks of your trades to create an even greater harvest.
         TLDR;  Thanks for being a patient, smart, resourceful and down right kick ass community.  My harvest thanks you.

Here are some images of the progressions from a few weeks old untill now dried and curing. Sorry for some of the red images.


These are just some of the growers who helped me without knowing. Thanks alot

Robert Bergman @Hellraiser @Myfriendis410 @QueenCityB @dbrn32 @repins12 @ReconBravo @AfgVet @Enlightened420 @Gremmall @Dman1969

More than 10 below helped as well


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Awesome sauce!!! Beautiful grow!!!


You did an amazing job, congrats on your first successful grow and harvest. Very happy for you and hope you can spread your knowledge to others down the road.


Congrats on a beautiful harvest!! Those cola pics :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:


Hell of a harvest even for a veteran grow! Great work!


Nice harvest there…:+1:


Well done mate​:+1::australia::australia:


Brother all I can say is I have no words!!! :no_mouth: :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::v::call_me_hand:


Well brother you helped so thanks man


Congratulations ! beautiful buds, you have done a fantastic job. Thanks for the tag.


Means alot coming from the Dr Frankenstein of growing monsters. Thanks again


Unfortunately its not legal here so my knowledge must be online as in person, but will do as I can.


Congratulations, super job and great harvest too! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Looks like you were on point the whole way. Nice job!


Outmotherfeakingstanding, Congrats :+1: :v:


Only because and due to a great community, I didn’t need to create one thread to ask one question as those would be questions were already answered in detail.