1st Time indoor grower

Hi, guys. These are my 17 days old Northen Lights auto.
My set up is:
Homebox Ambien Q100+
Mars hydro TSW 2000 ( currently 22inches high and workin on almost the lowest power. Can you recomend when should i give them more light?)
220/420 m/h outer fan
21cm Monkey oscilating fan
Biobizz soil light mix and root juice, biogrow, biobloom, top max and bio heaven (going to start adding nutrients soon)
Week ago started to filter my tap water - it changed Ph from 7,8 to 6,5. But signs of Mg and Ca started appearing. Im adding calmag 0,7ml\l 3 days ago and today. Maybe I will start adding nutes next watering. Do you have advices with dosaging?
All life my seedling had weak stems, even now when i take out support holder they can can lean down towards soil up to 40 degrees.

Here they are just after watering
Thank you


It can be hard to see problems with photos. Have a look through this thread and let us know what you think. Post back and we can double check for you.
You may have more than one problem…

This could be one of them…

Like I said, have a look and get back to us…

Hi, thank you for links. Looks like that bright dot didnt get bigger.
Here is my update. addin 0,6ml/l calmag, 3 days ago added fisrt time nutrients. Bioheaven and biogrow only 1/4 of what they recommend in schedule - result little nute burn on new leaves.
What you think about little plant that had issues with calcium?
Also what do you think guys, about my first time LST? cutted few bigger fan leaves to give little low branches more light. Goin to bend them little lower soon and LST other plants when I will get new pipecleaners.
Just watered them with pure water only with 0,5mg/l calmag

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You’re going to hae a full tent there man. Looking good…