1st time ILGM sour diesel fem seeds sprouted sept 4

hello everyone, I got my 5 sour d seeds In mail last week. Put them in water and 1st one sprouted within 22hrs, 3 more by 48hrs. The 5th never started. I figure 4 of 5 ain’t bad. I have some experience growing but never started with seeds before. I would love any pointers or issues you see in my story or pictures to be highlighted.

Here is Jessie… she was 1st.

Here she is with her sisters Jen, Jaz and Jade. They all sprouted within 12hrs if each other, though a couple still need to throw the shell…

I have them in peat plugs for now. How long should I have them in that? Spray every 12hrs? Do I leave the plastic clear cover over em? I have been leaving it on loose and spraying the roof for moisture.

I am using a t5 fluorescent 20” above the seedlings… is this good?

Plan to transfer to 6” felt cups. But could go right to 5 gal grow bags what would you suggest?

When should I transplant?

I will keep this journal up till smoke time.

I use grow tents, fans inside and exhaust fans. I had 600 and 1000 watt led lights In my veg and flower tents. VEg is 2448, flowers tents are 4848 and 30*30.

I use roots organic fertilizer and fox farm soil. Plants are trimmed and inspected daily. My current flower plants are 2c99,s about 7 days out from pulling…they won’t be part of the thread…

Thanks I advance to all!


Youll want to keep humidity up
So using the dome will help with that
Youll want to plant them in soil as soon as you see roots coming ftom sides or bottom of peat pods

When i germinate i soak in water till they sink and or crack open
Then i place in moist paper towel fir another 24-48 hrs untill i have a nice size tap root 1/4 inch or so i then place in starter pot of soil in my germination station with done on and lights on 24-7 until they pop after that I switch to 16-8
Lower light if you see your sprouts streaching to much

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Thanks for the input. I am in day 2 sprout now. 2 look ok in peat, 2 are struggling and have just shed the seed shucks.

Uploading… Uploading…

What do you think? Too much water? Not enough? Been spraying top of open plastic cover every 8hrs if it’s dry and spraying pods 1-2 times every 24 hrs just to moist.

Why are there 2 runts?

Is 16/8 light right for now? That is what I am doing to start.

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patients @Reelax patients keep your RH up and watch temps when using a dome…
i like to put a meter inside my dome… it is not a must,but i have smoked some seedlings due to heat…
i’ll admit i had heating pad on unknowingly so learn from my mistakes…lol
good luck!

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Seedlings will benefit from a 24/0 light schedule until they are rooted. Your watering practices sound spot on. I would suggest distilled water and nothing to feed them until they are well established in their larger pots.

Transplanting autos into their final home is not a bad idea. Photos I like to transplant up a few times to reduce over watering. You may want to bring the light down but the seedlings will tell you.

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Found it! Lol. Watching. Best of luck on the diesel man

Today is day 4 from sprout. They seem to like the. Ocean forest. I lowered light yesterday cause it looked like they were stretching… what do you think??


If your seed starting under the t5 i believe it can be VERY close. Like 4-6 inchs… @dbrn32 is that correct? (Haha i tag this dude too much :joy:)

Depends on how big of a t5 fixture really. A big enough fixture would probably need some distance with seedlings. Mature plants you can indeed run them pretty darn close.

Thanks man ! I ApriciAte is iur input

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