1st time ilgm grow ak47 auto its popping udate #3

Ok this is after 11 days from the 24 hr soak. Starting of good. I bought three ilgm seeds one got crushed in delivering. Ilgm will send another on my next purchase. Doing one at a time.

and now the roots are doing good. @garrigan62 she is ten days from cracking open what do you think.

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day 15 from cracking open.



Look great we are about on the same schedule I have one white widow and one big bud auto in a 5 gallon smart pot and one white widow and one big bud auto in a 3 gallon smart pots i’m curious to see how all three of them turn out now

I have a humbolt master A and B nutrients. With cal mag and humboldt golden tree. Good luck.

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I’m interested in the Humboldt A&B. The golden tree is amazing!

Im gonna use all three myself

todays pics

This is the master A and B its different.

Are you combining Humboldt with any other nutes or just their trio for now?
I also tried the plant enzymes but that one didn’t impress me. I will be
ordering the Flower Stacker soon. Also, they have an entire line of
nutrients I wouldn’t mind trying I am just swamped with Fox Farm now.

I use mykos so . Its all there… just a and b golden tree and cal mag. Cal mag only early. Then just A and B

Im trying fornles nute build up

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Trying to make tasty buds

@latewood sry i didn’t realize I did it twice. This is it the full grow journal.

You did what 2wice? :stuck_out_tongue:

Posted this. Two post.

you did what twice😂

and a pic of her this morning

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I just got some ak49 feminized. As a side note Northern Lights is an amazing plant to watch grow.

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This girl is really healthy. I believe its the mykos.

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18 days in.