1st Time Growing

I couldn’t find how to edit my previous post and couldn’t deleted it so i started a new post. I did added pictures with natural lights and some questions!

Hi, i got my white widow seeds and i am trying to growing it for 4 months now. It started to flower like a month ago right now. I have heard that white widow only take 8-9 weeks to flower and i am worried that I might doing something wrong. How is everything looks like? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

1- How long does it take white widow to flower? Mine is 4 months old now and still not ready. Am i doing something wrong?

2- When should i stop giving them nutrients. I am using General Hydroponic nutrients.

3- When should i harvest?

Total amount of time for flowering begins at the flowering stage when you see pistils, after the light schedule change.

You can see what the breeder says about “average” flowering times, but realistically some just take longer than others, some less.

Approximately 2 weeks before harvesting. This is a grower preference, it could be different for another grower.

Trichome color is typically the best indicator, but a good visual indicator is when all of the pistils turned 90% brown.