1st time growing~ Today is the day!

After months of research and planning i still feel like i am not ready but today is the day i am going for it.

Grow tent set- up upstairs in loft conversion, i have used 2 different size tents to make the size i needed*.(A mission all on its own)*
My setup is as follows:

Lights 600w dual spectrum HP light/ 600w Lumenlite Ballast
6" Grip fan
Fox inline fan with carbon filter and low noise ducting
Wilma self watering system 4 pots
Coca pebble mix ~ Canna A+B mix
(I bought all as a complete grow set kit)

I also have:
Temperature/ humidity monitor
PH/EC testers and the strips as i wanted to be sure the electric testers worked right

Seeds: Fem Northern lights from MOC

Am going to put seeds in room temperature water for a couple days and hope they sprout as this seems the easiest way to get taproots.

Am hoping i post in correct section as i am not really a forum person so this is as new to me as growing but i have been a constant visitor to this site since deciding to grow as there is just so much info here and you guys seem to be very helpful and very knowledgeable it has defo been my go to site and i haven’tr even started yet.
Feeling excited but also a bit scared about starting this new venture :grinning:


Welcome! You can only learn so much from reading. The real learning process comes by doing it. Just remember to keep the soaking seeds in a warm, dark place. Looks like you’re set up for success!


Welcome to ILGM!


Welcome to the best place you can be. And happy growing!! :v::call_me_hand:


Welcome to the awesome world and comminity of growing … glad to hear you have put the research in ahead of time as that will save you from some misteps moving forward im sure… first few grows are always exciting and great opportunities to dial in your environments…


Thank you all for the welcomes :smiley:


Set to watching your grow. Good luck with it. Any questions or issues you have, post them up as everyone is here to help.

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I’m gonna tag along as well, that is, if you don’t mind :v:

Welcome, and good luck! No such thing as a dumb question. :v:


Agreed :+1: :v:

Welcome, you will be in good hands here, there’s always someone around to answer questions. Good luck and happy growing

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So, did you do it? Are they soaking?

Hello, so i put 4 seeds in some water(room temp) and left in a dark warm cupboard, they sank after about 24hrs with a poke. Then after reading more about issues others had doing it this way i thought i would switch to the jiffy bag method. 36 hours after 1st soaking i took them out the water and i can see they have just split a tiny bit and there is a tiny bit of white showing, so now they are in wet kitchen roll in a jiffy bag in my grow tent, about to go and check on them so fingers crossed.

Decided i am going to plant in the pebble mix straight out, in a smaller cup and keep in a humidity dome until i see leaves, this is when it will need light yes??? So do i start the 18/6 light cycle at this point as soon as i start with lights??

I will post some pics as soon as there is something to see and i want to also check with you guys that i have set up my tent correctly. :grinning:

They are just starting to open up, i’ve returned to the jiffy bag for now

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You want that tap root about 3/4 inch long, then plant about 1/2 inch deep. Your on your way. Yes start them under the lights when they come through the soil, 18-6