1st time growing, outdoor and with too many plants

@stickynicky …Yeah Just pull off the very hard died damaged part of the bud and try to salvage whats left!.If you gently pull back all of your buds check very close to the stem and you’ll probably see that the stem has a hole or some sort of damage to it were the C-pilar did its evil! You’ll see small black poo (YUK!). Today I did my first “bud wash” yeah it was kinda scary soaking my buds in water,But after I saw al the SH*T that came out in the waste water (ie: hairs,mine, my dogs,little bugs,Cat/poo ,dirt,dust etc.)I am convinced that this has to be better then smoking all that crap! Now I dunno about the trichs and all,I wont know until I fully dry and fully cure, But its gotta be better then all that junk? Washing is new to me so we shall see?This is totally different then last years (my first full fledged outdoor grow).Ive got tons of Bberry left…Im kinda sketchy on smoking it now cause I didn’t wash it…Then again I didn’t have this problem last year…so???

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Jezus I’m glad I’m doing indoor


Haha, seen too much of the black poo. I really hope it washes out. If you didn’t use too much chemicals on the bberry I wouldn’t worry, but if it was kept up with spray, I’d give that batch away :stuck_out_tongue:

I bought some Gorilla Glue and some auto flowering got mixed in there so no big deal but one only has 3 fan leaves and at the top only single fan leaves. Sup wit Dat?

@Bearmoe Nothing…check this out it’s normal for some :sunglasses::call_me_hand:t2: Huge 3 finga and this plant isn’t 2’ tall even


Same with this plant but check out the size of this


Thanks for that. Ever seen a single fan?

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Nope never! But I’m a newbie so it’s prolly not uncommon…maybe something been munching off your leaves…I’d check :face_with_monocle:

If its an autoflower all types of funky stuff can happen with them while they grow. From what I hear they usually normalize.

The single and triple leafs are most likey from lighting issues sunlight is predictable but if you start plants inside or outside too early and not have the lighting matched up with the day they go outside they will do that

We have some potted plants going


My plants were started and are thriving outdoors :man_shrugging:t2: I’m more along the lines of saying the number of leaves is ultimately dictated by the phenotype…

These ladies are performing well. Almost no fertilizers just animal manure composted Cow,Chicken and fresh Rabbit with some perlite mixed in, occasionally i throw in kelp meal from Down to earth company.
Watered with rain water and sometimes plain old pond water sometimes some minnow gets in but I let them go .
Most days they get watered with home brewed rabbit poo tea made with rain water. At transplant i dusted the roots with “Great White”


5,7,9,11,13 and 15 are pheno traits. 1 and three are lighting issue 99.9 pecent of the time the plant was triggered into flower early and then it adjust and stops flowering and throws single and triple leaves . Chemical fertilizers for the flowering stage also can trigger plants to think its time to flower. 1 and 3 leaves pretty much are a sign the normal process was interupted . They grow out of it and will be okay they just miss out on growing the way they want to.


@Cantgetnosatisfaction Dude! Good info! What about topping or fimming this prolly has this effect too then I can assume?

Those look very nice👍

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Topping or fimming not really causes that kind of stress. Topping will slow it down a little bit fimming them not so much. I had plants before give the 1&3 leaf It took along time for me to figure it out . Before the Googles and stuff came around. When i figured it out . I would start my plants with the timer set to run the lights . For a amount of light that coincides with selected day i was planting them outside . For the most part it stopped happening . Sometimes long periods of rain or just clouds will throw them into early flower. And being on a porch or a deck with lights on at night or part of the night will really confuse them and the grower. Photo sensitive plants are really sensitive.


Thanks much for the info

7/262021 summer flying by update, crazy it rained yesterday

Zkittlez autoflower
Planted 5/15

Planted 5/23 weird ass looking hit

This Hindu from 4/5 is almost at 6 ft

The rest of the girls from the 4/5 grow

I lied actually, the beige pot on the right is “rando” aka mk ultra from a lost seed during grow 3, she is starting to get thick

Green cracks from 4/19, they never got topped or fimmed. Both in early flower

Master kush from 3/28

And rest of the girls who are all suffering various caterpillar damage, from minor to massive


Everything looks so yummy :yum:

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