1st time growing, outdoor and with too many plants

hah, I think for now I have enough experimenting to learn from…

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4/27/2021 - Need to FIM my Blue, I just realized I’ve got 8 nodes, what do I do, just FIM it right now where its at?

Update pics


This is my little Bhang 420 vs Fox Farms Ocean Forest. I’ll not be using Bhang again at all based on my simple 4 seed observation. 2 in Bhang are significantly smaller, could totally be genetics, but just not worth it when FF is tried and true. I’ll do another Experiment with Lush and FF on my next soil germination. Green tags are green crack, blue tags are chem dawg, FF and B are used to differentiate the soils.

green crack, ff left, Bhang on right

chem dawg, bhang on left, ff on right


Nice comparison!

Is this the one @stickynicky ??

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yes sir!

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4/28/2021 - first FIM

Ended up fiming 1 blue dream and 1 mk ultra and left each ones mate uncut… I left both Gorilla Glues alone.

looked a bit sad after.


You should be thoroughly impressed with fiming


I made an attempt at fimming but the plant didn’t care…she just grew back as normal.

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Well its called fuck I missed for a reason…I ended up fiming all 6 plants in pots and 1 master kush with 4 nodes.

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I only tried one. Here is the fim job,

Here is now…

well it only adds about a week to the grow time and since I started early enough in the season, I have time to do it again if it doesn’t work out

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Watching for results

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4/29/2021 - these are 2 lsd seeds I planted on 4/25/2021, 1 sprouted yesterday and 1 today. I’ll never do anything but soil germinate…I’ve got it down pretty perfect now and a bit more exciting. These are in FFOF soil

FFOF soil in back and Bhang 420 soil in front. I’ll get the smaller ones on nutes now that I think of it


5/1/2021 - Things have gotten shitty. My mother in law is coming to town and I had to hide the plants in my side yard. Its going to be a partial sun day. Hopefully I can get some advice here so I don’t have to make a new thread. Do I need to clean this shit off right away or will it be okay till tomorrow? Also whats going on with my plant, is this a pest? Nute burn?


Nute Burn?



Leaves look pretty healthy aside from the random brown spots, likely some splash or water droplets that got lensed…flip the leaves over and look closely for anything moving around. Partial sun for a day should be no big deal!

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Last year I grew train wreck outside .

I use bottom half kind soil top layer coco loco . No transplanting . Made about 25 ounces . This year I’m moving on to indoors . Same base Bottom half kind soil and top layer coco loco. Just add water every 2-3 days .

Look at your soil


5/3/2021 - back out in full sun. Talk to a local grower, he said it looks like bugs and nothing like nute burn. Covered everything well with neem oil and haven’t been seeing much spider mites now.

Gorilla post fim, how do I know if it worked?

Back to the bhang 420 vs fox farms, you can see how much bigger the two planted in fox farms are. LSD sprouts on the right about a week old.

Transplanted Rando and Twin into black 5 gallons. Rando is planted in Lush Organics and Twin (Hindu #1’s twin) is planted in FFOF.

May Force - got some larvae on just this plant. gave an insecticidal bath. I’ll have to be more proactive with the neem oil.


5/8/2021 - Started using new nutrients and moving away from Advanced nutrients Micro Grow Bloom. Still using Stalk Stifener and Calmag & Hydroguard. The powders are much easier to deal with than all the liquids. Less mess, less headache. Also dug some holes around my plants and filled them with Mykos, we will see how this stuff works. The Insecticidal soap seemed to do the job. Haven’t had any more issues this week with bugs.

These guys are good visitors right?

Finally burning something

Getting everything finally transplanted into bags I learned some more stuff about soil I even gained some respect for the Bhang 420 soil. I had done my experiment with 6 plants, 2 of FFOF, 2 of LUSH and 2 of Bhang 420. I was transplanting from 1 gallon plastic pots to 5 gallon fabrics.
FFOF: While the soil does provide excellent nutrients, it is a bit dense as a solo dirt. The root balls did not make to the bottom even though the soil was damp and I was letting it dry. 1/3rd of the dirt stayed in the bottom of the pot.
LUSH: This soil is bit better aerated than the FFOF. It has a lot more perlite the FFOF, the Bhang has none. The roots did grow further, maybe leaving just 1/5 the dirt behind in the bottom.
BHANG: Interesting enough, the plants seemed like they were not getting enough nutrition, now this could have been just the way the plant was and nothing to do with the soil. What I really liked about the bhang soil was the root ball had reached the bottom of the pot and kept all the dirt with it. It felt very aerated with coco coor and the roots looked strong and healthy, much better than what I saw with either FFOF or LUSH. I’m having mixed feelings now about this soil and would like to try a mix of this and FFOF as that may be a perfect blend for me.