1st time growing, outdoor and with too many plants

Background: A friend randomly gave me 3 seeds. I decided to give growing a shot out of the blue with very little planning. Friend also recommended getting seeds on ILGM. I felt like a kid in a candy store and went with Heavy Hitters, Kush Mix and Chemical Mix.

The game plan: pretty close to wing it. Ordered some fox farms happy frog and ocean forest soil and some crappy peat moss “biodegradable” planter pots that were too small. Also got 2 32 watt ge grow bulbs and an empty spot on my work bench in the shed, 2 These were just for seedlings, but it soon became apparent I needed something more for my sprouts.

Grow #1 (3/10/2021)- 3 girl scout cookies - germinated in a cup of water sitting in a cupboard. These were grown under 32 watt lights. So when I took them out doors in the afternoon even for a short time, it was enough.

Woops, I shocked and killed them. Learned what hardening off is though and how important it is. Also learned what crap choice I chose in planter cups. For the next batch I went with 3.5”

Grow #2 (3/19/2021)- 3 blue dreams, 3 gorilla glue and 3 mk ultra. All germinated in plastic containers with water. 1 gorilla and 1 mk failed to sprout. Fox Farms Happy Frog soil used

Grow #3 (3/28/2021)- 5 master kush and 1 mk ultra. Germinated in water for a few days and planted in soil. 2 of the master kush seeds did not sprout. I picked up a grow dome and an HLG 100 watt light to help out. The dome is totally unnecessary for my situation. I could see it being necessary for clones. All planted in Fox Farms Happy Frog

Grow #4 (4/5/2021)- 3 Hindu and 2 bubba. Placed directly in soil with no pre-soak. 4 left under a dome and 32 watt light, the other one left under a 32 watt. All watered heavily, just 1 hindu under the dome did not make it. Sprouted and came up to the surface, just maybe got over watered. All planted in FFHF

April 6th - First day of Hardening Off. Doing all plants at once.

4/10/2021 - Transplanting grow #1 into grow bags. Everything at night in the shed under the 100 watt light. Still hardening off

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4/10/2021 - Realized I had a twin growing with one of my Hindus.

So after consulting on ILGM, I did a separation

4/14/2021 - One of the seeds I thought didn’t sprout was still in the soil I used for my next batch. It Decided to sprout, so I separated this duo also.

4/15/2021 - Getting use to the full sun

Grow #5 (4/19/2021)- 2 ChemDawg and 2 Green Crack. 1 of each in Bhang 420 potting soil and 1 of each in Ocean Forest. Gonna experiment a little with this grow for hopefully a little experience in the future. Germinated in soil again, accidentally left them in the dark and one of them went nuts with the root. I threw some soil on top and a day after sprouting they are outside to be tortured by the cloudy sun. No humidity domes or coddling, they are getting the real-world experience from the start.

Update on the girls from Grow 1

4/20 shot with the Hindu 1 “Twin” and “Rando” the unknown seed


Jesus yeah you went head first, balls to the wall! Good luck brother!


lol thank you

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4/22/2021 - Grow 3, transplant of 1 master kush and the only MK Ultra into 1 gallon bags. Not a fan of these bags. Just too flimsy and hard to pick up and move around.

4/23/2021 - Grow 5 working it - out in the clouds getting use to full sun. No hardening off, just left them out.

4/24/2021 - Transplant day for rest of Grow 3 and 4 except Twin and Rando
I used 1 gallon nursery plastic pots for this round since they are sturdier and easier to move. Already noticed though that the black does evaporate way faster than the white plastic bag. For the transplant I used 3 different soils, I used FFOF, Bhang 420 and Lush.

Lush: Hindu and Master

Bhang: Hindu and Bubba

Fox Farms Ocean Forest: Bubba and Master Kush

4/25/2021 - Grow 5 is doing extremely well. Full outdoor for these guys, haven’t been back inside since they sprouted.

Current nutrient regimen

I gave away 2 plants today to my cousin and good friend. My cousin took my Blue Dream #2 in a 7 gallon pot, it was the biggest plant by far. My friend took an MK Ultra in a 1 gallon bag. I also gave him an LSD seed in some soil, hopefully it germinates for him. Never seen 2 grown men so happy to get plants


Ok so just curious to know. How many seeds did u go thru that didnt germ or died. Ilgm replaces bad seeds but not if they pop and die on ur behalf lol.

What is hardening off?

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Hardening off is getting a plant accustomed to the outdoors slowly over time. Do it too quickly and they throw a fit.

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10 4, I want to put a gg4, a g13 and some Acapulco gold outside but waiting til nights are above 65 or so.

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I planted the following seeds, all ILGM:

3 blue dream
3 gorilla glue, 1 died after the seed came up to the surface, just never split opn
5 mk ultras, 1 never sprouted, 1 died after it came to surface and never split
5 master kush, 1 never sprouted, 1 died after it came to surface and never split
3 hindu kush, 1 never sprouted, 1 was a twin
2 bubba kush
2 Chem dawg
2 green crack

25 seeds in total, 5 didn’t go past sprouting, 3 were my fault. Still need to figure out which strain the random seed is.

Forgot to add this update yesterday:

4/25/2021 - mini grow #6, soil germinating 2 LSD seeds


As long as that g.g. comes out good it was the best smoke ive grown so far and now my fav so far. Knock out buzz nice taste good yield solid azz buds. Mk was good also.

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Haha, thats what I was thinking. If its similar to what I get from my guy, then I’ll be stoked.

4/26/2021 - Southern California is getting hammered with rain, should I put these girls under cover?

This should have been posted yesterday. 2 LSD, soil germination on FFOF. I’m really digging the FFOF as a starting soil instead of the Happy Frog. Only seems like 2 plants have been a bit “burned” by it but seem to recover well. The 3rd is a dried up strawberry I’m seeing if I can germinate :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


For a second I thought those red/orange handles in the background of the last picture were emergency hot dogs… :man_facepalming:


I didnt even notice them till you said something. I knew they were handles but I was like damn looks like some emergency hotdogs too

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:laughing:my allen wrenches in my tool shed/smoke room

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Emergency hotdogs shed

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Going with many strains is an excellent way to find one or two that like your climate. Where are the males?

These are feminized seeds

Got to get ya some males for breeding experiments as that’s where the real fun is!