1st time growing.. Need help and advice!

Hi guys! Im new in the forum… (English is not my native language and Sorry if i created this topic on the wrong place) :sweat_smile:

Im currently growing 3 Autoflowers
1 Northen Light and the other 2 have strange names,
Easy Bud and Quick One (I choose this two because its my first time and i wanted to get the feel of it and they said this two are pretty easy to plant)
I bought the seeds through RQS website.

They germinated and i planted them day 4 of July. Since then i think they going quiet ok… But i noticed something in the NL and the QO… Can you guys help me by looking at the photos? They are on 22°C, 70%/80% humidity and on a 18/6 light schedule.

That little hole on the left leaf.

That brown thing on the leaf.

Thank you all :slightly_smiling_face:

The hole in the cotyledon could have just grown that way but I’d give a good look for insects just incase. The other is just the remainder of the seed hull no worries.

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Thanks! :smile: Im a worried father! :sweat_smile:

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Hi guys! So 10 days have past and im completely in love with this little guys hoping they grow healthy and strong… But in this 2 days i noticed that the leafs are bending… Can you guys help me? Am i doing something wrong? Im on a 18/6 lighting schedule, 21/22°C and 60 to 70 humidity! Thanks!

What soil are you using and what size pots are those

Hey Tinman! Im using 10L Texpot and using Terra Professional Plus+ from Canna.
Here’s an image:

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I run my temps a little warmer, 77 to 82 degrees, don’t know much about that medium

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Soo i just arrived home and i noticed this spots in the leaves of one of my plants… The other two dont have nothing similar! I think is lack of potassium, but can someone help me? :pensive: