1st time growing, may need help here and there

I had about three small fans pointed in diff directions. Helps circulate the air inside

I run both of my fans directly at my plants on low. More pointed at the bottom of them

Your plant is growing look good just put light closer and do what you do.

So my light just came in, Im not sure what potentiometers your talking about. Does mine have them?


See the 2 black rubber circles too right corner? They come out and you can turn down or up. Thats your Lo and Vo adjustments. Dbrn will go into detail


Oh I see, I just popped em out but confused again lol what do I use to turn up and down

Well what size screw driver do I need

Just a terminating phillips head

ok i got everything, and i just set up my carbon filter also. Should i leave on all day on low speed?

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I wouldn’t have your carbon filter on for vegging it just wastes it. You don’t need it really, unless you just prefer to have it on. Your plants won’t start smelling like weed until they are flowering.

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Good luck

Alright bet, good looking everyone

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I would not have a fan blowing directly on them at this stage. I have found that if you give them a few weeks to get a solid roots in place is important. My fans just blows air around in my grow tent and I do not have it pointed at the plants but I only grow autofemized plants and only 3 at a time due to space.

Cool! Looks like @imSICKkid has you set

Just checking in with an update on how things been going
Red solo cup- Day 12
Northern Lights- Day 9
Amnesia Haze- Day 7

Been keeping humidity in 40-60 range and I’ve watered the plants once with 6.7ph water

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when should i transfer in my 2 gal pods

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I was taught that once the leaves reach the edges of the cup then its time to transplant. :call_me_hand:

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Ok all of my plants leaves stretch out further than the edges, i think i will transplant today. also keep lighting the same? its 22" away

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Yeah somewhere around that area in veg

Looks like they are stretching a little too but they look beautiful