1st time growing indoor tent set up

Hi folks, I’m new and wish I’d joined this forum before I bought after reading several comments but here’s what I have to start.

5x5x7 Heavy Duty Gorilla Tent
6" Vivosun Carbon Filter
6" Cloudline T6 inline duct fan
Viparspectra TC 1350 led Grow Light
2-6" Hurricane clip fans
Cool Mist humidifier
5 gal grow bags
Coast of Maine Platinum Growers Mix
Feminized White Widow seeds
Planned on 4 plants
I have RO water

I have not touched the seeds or soil yet.

Please let me know of any concerns or shortcomings you may see in what I have here to start.

I greatly appreciate any help!

There is 69" max from the light to the floor, should I SCROG or ?. The light needs to be minimally 28" above the canopy during the flowering stage according to instructions. I can stretch for 3" more if I remove the pullies.


Every thing looks good. Don’t know anything about your light.

Hello @Skatz welcome to the forums and thus the community.
You did really good you didn’t cheap out on gear and that’s good.
Now your lighting for 4 plants is lacking but the company claims
“Vegetative Coverage at 44”: 5x5ft
Flowering Coverage at 18": 32": 4x4ft"

So that’s about the best information you can go off of until you get more lighting.
Do a grow and see how it does, it will grow bud I’m just unsure if it’s gonna grow the type of bud you want and are expecting.
Aside from that your gear is solid.

As for the process.
When your ready soak your seeds in 1 part hydrogen peroxide, 2 parts water for 20hr then place in a container in between a damp piece of paper towel (don’t drowned the seedling).

I would Suggest some Mykos, great white or voodoo juice, or tribus something like that.
Make sure your soil is mixed with 30% minium perlite it needs to be airey for good root growth.

Fill the mix mkyos and soil perlite into a red solo cup with drainage holes on the bottom.
You could go to the hardware store and get seedling soil I would strongly recommend this although not needed. Light soil is best for the early stages.

Use veg cycle and wait until the plants leafs touch the edge of the solo cup then it’s time to pot up. Into your 5 gallon pots.

SCOG is a great idea but you may be better off with a a net or two and just low stress training along with fim/topping.

SCOG setups are best well though out in advance, because once you SCOG them it makes them impossible to move unless you build them on casters I suggest your browse around and work a SCOG setup in the future made out of pvc and rope or whatever.
@Not2SureYet has nice knes as does @merlin44

Remeber to have a system to be able to catch the runoff water that drops out the bottom of your 5 gallon pots, you will want to read this with a ph and tds meter so you know when to feed.
I know the soils rich but you will have to feed bloom. Nutrients and cal mag in flower.


Thanks…that’s the worry!

Thank you so much! Will germinate as you have advised. Actually, I read your advice (lighting) in another thread which is why I said I should have joined first. A bit worried but gonna go for it in the next few days. Have a great day!


Quick question, how long should I leave the paper towel seedlings in the container? Tx

Until you see tails out of the seeds.


Thanks :+1:

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Make sure to put the tail part down in the soil. Nice setup. Welcome to the growing community.


Thanks Mark! Working on environmental control before I make the plunge! Hopefully in a few days.

Hi Nicky, I am receiving my Espoma starter seedling mix today! I have the perlite and Mykos extreme gardening. It seems like you’d sprinkle the Mykos in and around the seedling hole and gently collapse the soil in around the seedling according to what I’ve read but I value your opinion. Also, about how much Mykos per seedling? I plan on dropping the babies in the bath water tomorrow.(I hope)
And please if I’m missing anything, let me know.
Thank you


Yes that would be fine.

My instructions on some world record Pumkin Mykos I bought said mix a table spoon into a 5 gallon pot of soil and mix it all up as well as the covering the root hole when transplanting.
This is what I do because Mykos are cheap and roots are so important. Pretty hard to overdo the Mykos so be generous.

Also tag me with typing @ Nicky


I had no luck with Mykos or don’t think so. Maybe it was the bag I got. It never seemed to want to de-solve. I tried adding it to water first and let set. Thinking I could just water with it when I was doing the seedlings. Not saying any thing bad about it. Just wondering if that is normal @Nicky The tribus I have now is really doing great. Expensive as Sh— I think about 800.00 a gallon :astonished: I paid 100 for 250ml But I will say. I think this was worth it for how well these are starting now. I add it to my veg feedings also. I figure the bottle I got will last a few years lol


Thanks for the input, I appreciate the fact that not all are convinced. It got excellent ratings so I hope you were right about your bag. I got it so I’m gonna go for it but since I have absolutely nothing to compare it against…my guess is this community will let me know since the plan would be to show my pics. :sunglasses::+1:

Yeah Mykos I Geuss is a brand it’s not what I meant I meant the Myko bacteria its self.

I have heard nothing but great things about voodoo juice and tribus, I think tribus is more expensive but is it better? No way to tell right now and Advanced nutrients headquarteres is about 3hr from my dad’s house so they swamp the shelves here although its expensive to.

Either way the Mykos style bacteria is what you want in whatever form you can get it in.
Great white is a trusted brand, don’t use orca, I can’t say about Mykos themselves to be honest, hear good things about recharge and it’s affordable.
Voodoo juice has been studied against great white and orca it blows them out of the water so I know voodoo works, hear great things about tribus but no way to test the two… Geuss I’ll get what I can afford

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@Nicky update on my progress, I have 4 seeds with tail sprouts wet toweling off. I could see the seeds seemed swollen when I took them out of the water even one a bit cracked, so at 9:30 am cst they’ll have been in the paper towels for 24 hrs. 4 solo cups ready (except for Mykos)
My question is about how long should the seedling tail be before planting?..sometimes I think I read too much! Thanks Nicky
I’m still familiarizing myself with this forum so please bear with me!
Big concern! Weather fluctuations particularly during the night where it can range from the 20’s to the low 50’s. I’ll have to keep a close eye.
Again, thanks for all the help everyone!

A tail that has started to grow out is long enough, as long as it’s more than a couple mm your fine.

The idea of the soak is to soften, the idea of the paper towel is to be able to confirm growth pas the initial mm of tail. If it’s growing in the paper towel then it’s time to shove those tails in the medium.

All good just Tag when you need and I’ll see it, I will usually eventually get to you but I’m in the forums more when I’m at work. Mondays my last day of work so Tuesday forward I’ll be on less. Still around but limited till Nye

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No problem! Thanks for the info. Going for it :+1::pray:

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