1st time growing anything EVER!- ILGM Chocolope Fem


As the title says I have no experience growing anything. I am a disabled vet and a former paratrooper…years of jumping, years of rucking(jogging with 50+ Ibs on back) and being rear ended by a texting truck driver on the highway at 60+mph while standing still at traffic left me with spine injury that ultimately got me discharged. Needless to say I wasn’t mentally ready for the discharge or the pain I am now dealing with on a daily basis. Not too long after my discharge,

depression kicked in and after a year of taking 6meds daily just to function, I ran into another jumping buddy whom I personally witnessed wreck his spine upon landing and he convinced me to try cannabis…and boy am I happy I did. Quality of life has greatly increased, my mood is a whole lot better, only thing is my wallet is paying for my wellness which is why I now want to grow my own.

I purchased 5 chocolope fem seeds from ILGM Sep 6, I received them Sep 23,at 1:30pm I placed them in water i had staying out for about 2 weeks to reach room temp, it’s currently 10:08am I now see signs of the tap root popping out. I will let it go the full 24hrs as recommended by ILGM so I will put them in soil at 1:30pm today.

Any and all advice/criticism will be greatly appreciated.

BTW this will be an out door grow.


Welcome to Ilgm, congratulations on your new found life. So glad to hear it helps. There’s a load of great Growers here that will help with the grow,and a lot of vets as well.
Keep em green :sunglasses:


Welcome and happy growing!


I have been doing nothing but reading different posts all day and had no intentions of joining until a pop up came up saying looks like you enjoy the group…why not join? Lol hahaha so now here I am…I guess that confirms that the new users acquisition campaign ILGM has works lol haha


Welcome @Skylives07 lots of good stuff on here

34 plants 10 haze#1.. 9 ak48..10 lemon og and 5 free seeds

@arcticGrow thanks I am so excited about this journey


Former JTAC here. Thanks for your service. Airborne all the way!


Welcome @Skylives07 to ILGM and thank you for your service. Glad you found cannabis and this forum! Lots of friendly people willing to help you through your grow! :+1:


@suctionmed after reading the posts of others, what worked and what didn’t, advice others gave them I feel like an expert and my seeds haven’t even sprouted yet lol haha either way I am excited about the knowledge base this forum contains


@Skylives07 I Hear ya! I have my set up done now. I should have some beans arriving this afternoon. I’m so ready to start. 3x3x6 closet grow with Scrog setup.


@Bogleg hey airborne still keeping them knees and feet together? Lol haha gotta love it! Thanks for your service and dropping care packages on our enemies on target


@MattyBear spot on the friendly! I purchased 5 seeds and calculated losing 2-3 of those seeds due to grower errors but with this kind of support I might actually be able to harvest all 5 seeds lol hahaha

Does anyone have a time machine? Not to go to the past but ito the future because I can’t wait from so much excitement


I know what you’re going through brother. I was working in law enforcement and really enjoying being out there interacting and helping the public. I was just doing my job with my partner, we were helping a motorist whose car died on the highway. While at a complete stop on the side, we were smashed into from behind by a driver that took his eyes off the road. Was forced into early retirement due to multiple surgeries on my neck and back, and hooked on oxy. Decided to give MJ a try, but couldn’t guarantee the quality of what I could find. So now I grow my own and don’t look back. Growing will become 2nd nature after your first few grows.


Thank you for your service :v: I really hate the lack of care our vets receive post-service. It’s sad and I think it’s nearly criminal. I grew up in a small town with a high per capita enlistment - every male member of at least one graduating class in the late 60s.

You’ve come to the right place for learning… the folks here are the nicest I’ve found anywhere! There’s no judging, just freely shared advice and knowledge. People actually want to see you succeed :sunglasses: There are no stupid questions… except the one not asked. You’ll also have a chance to learn from other’s mistakes - there’s no hesitancy to share mistakes because there’s no judging. It’s amazing to me and makes me wish the whole world was like this.
I look forward to following your grow. I’m an indoor grower, newbie, but am intrigued by outdoor growth.


Welcome @Skylives07 First thing… Thank you for you’re service and sacrifices.

This is absolutely the best fourm around! Awesome people who are here to help you in anyway …
Good Growin :seedling::v::sunglasses:


:grin: Five seeds for your first grow is going to be fun; you are much braver than I. My first grow is one plant. You came to the right place to get advice, support, and all around fun with other people growing their own med. I look forward to following your journey.


My buddy was not injured in his service hitch but he spent the next 40 years working in construction. Now he’s totally hooked on Vicodin the VA gives him for his arthritis and he’s afraid to even try MMJ for fear they will find it in a drug test and cut off his prescription.

So sad that the VA can’t even suggest MMJ. It would help so many of their patients and cut or lower their dependence on pain pills. But you know: “Nice people don’t smoke marijuana.” to quote our Attorney General.

I have MS and am fortunate to live in a legal grow state and have a doctor letter. Works wonders on muscle cramps for me. Good luck with your grow!


Welcome @Skylives07. Thank you for your service from the bottom of my heart. This is the best place to be to help you through your first grow. If I may suggest, read Roberts journal and keep it handy along with the guides on the website. Experienced growers and mods are always happy to help if you tag them with the @ before their name. I’ve switched to watching and wish you all the best.

Remember that here at ILGM it’s not just about the grow, it’s the community and being with like minded people from all walks of life and from all over the world. Happy Growing ! AB


Thank you for your service! :us::palm_tree::v::+1:

Chocolope is a good choice for pain. if you’d like help figuring out other strains that could help you different times of the day, then tag me back @Skylives07

I am retired AF also served in the 101 and 3rd Inf Div in Army back in the 70’s and 80’s. I’m a bit messed up and I get a check from the VA but nothing too serious!



Thank you for your service first of all! :us:

Welcome to ILGM! We’re all here to help you success!

Just wanted to point out really quick that you may have issues with starting an outdoor grow this late in the season.