1st Time grower white or purple rhino bag seed Grow!

FFOF and just started tiger bloom, already using big bloom and grow big.

I just realized that two of the plants has jiffy seed starting mix at the bottom and 80% of FFOF on top. maybe thats why i am getting an acidic reading.

i feed them twice a week

You feed FF trio twice a week? That’s alot of nutrients. Your schedule is for feeding once a week, just PH’ed water the other times. What are your PPM’s in your runoff

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i dont have a PPM meter, but yes thats what the feeding schedule calls for.

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I would get a TDS meter just so you can keep track of your numbers

Ordered a new PH and PPM meter and it should be here today. I flushed the plants out with 6.5 phd water before i stepped on mine. Two plants show signs off nutrient lockout on the bottom leaves, but im hoping me flushing them will have them jump back. runoff was around 5.9-6.1

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checked on my plants before bed and i see this😤
should i be concerned or its apart of the cycle the bottom leaves start to fall off? top leaves look damn near perfect

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Also got my PPM meter and tested some left over food and it was 740ppm it should have been at 1750-2200ppm. :woozy_face:

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was gonna start feeding but the soil was still a little damp. ill let it dry out another day before i feed them, any tips on this feeding that could possibly boost the plants come back?

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Hey guys i added the necessary nutrients per a gallon of water i am left with these numbers. it seems like the ppm and ec are the opposite.

Bottom leaves looking bad but i dont wanna add more harm to her

Note: i have not PHd the water yet

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Have you checked the run off

@Bobbydigital , @kellydans @Oldguy


It looks right. 938ppm is a little over 1.8EC on 500 scale meters.

With that EC meter you need to move the decimal point 3 spots to the left on EC because it reads in micro siemens


@Bobbydigital has got you covered. Conductivity meter reading to convert to PPM would be about Half. 938ppm


i have checked the run off and it was 5.5

i really appreciate that! i was going crazy thinking i had a defective unit

i fed them on sunday and decided to let the soil dry out before i watered them. its been a week (i dont feel like a bad plant parent oddly) but should i feed them again or give them regular water?

Gotta get a feel for the pot, its weight. That will let you know when to water, as far as feeding i would check the ppms of the run off . The other folks i tagged have alot more experience then me , and give you better advice

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pot was super light, gave reg water ph’d at 6.8 and the ppm runoff was 954 for the pots with jiffy starter mix at the bottom and around 840ppm with the pot that has all FFOF

What kind of water are you using, and when you water try not to water on the stem especially when feeding, I like to stay 2 inchesaway