1st time grower set up

My setup                                                                                                                           3'x4'x7' closet space, reflector with 4 sockets with 2 socket adapters if needed, 4 150 watt 2800 lumens soft white cfls, or using adapter 8 23w 1600 lumens daylight cfls, so should i use the 150w or 23w in my seedling stage. I only have 1 plant. I'm on fixed income but in 2 weeks i'm going get the apollo 400w 2 bulb kit. I'll take any


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Please try again… if iif you need some help Just ask

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Are you asking for grow tent and lighting recommendations? For a beginner with one plant, I’d recommend a 2x2 foot tent and a MarsHydro300 LED light with two 4" inline duct fans and a charcoal filter for ventilation, plus a 6" rotating fan for the floor.

That should at least get you a starting point . . .

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