1st time grower. Purple haze got the short straw

Shes 7’6 tall as of today, still has 3 weeks of veg at least. Probably will hit 11 feet or so. The plant on the left is a Tashkurghan and is 6 feet tall but easily 7 feet wide. No topping or bending on either plant

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Read up on topping and LST if you want to keep them low. I pulled my three footers down to 18”. The community is here to help you succeed.

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@Cannabian holy sh… that’s a huge stump. Beautiful is all I can say that. So you like letting them grow naturally with no training

@JaneQP the community is great so much knowledge been shared and every 1 is cool… lets pray they stay under 5ft lol

No, its just that these cultivars get too thick if you top them. This is a stump from these last season


@Cannabian I love these pictures makes a work day better 4 sure. Next year will have more time outdoor so will see if i can get something like that without the wife killing me


Today makes 1 week that I planted the purple haze. They are here now with us gracing with there presence,2 soon medicate my worries away lol.

I really do love ILGM 3/3 on this

I kinda jumped ahead of myself and planted 3 more seeds on saturday in case these didnt make it. These 3 im doing the dome procedure. Left in the soil literally in the dark for 3days like @Cannabian had mentioned and added light this morning when I seen this

My lil set up. Im keeping track of my garage temperature and humidity 4 future tent location.
So far records indicate temperature stays around 70 and humidity between 65 and 80.

Also transplanted both my randoms Sunday and they are doing great today.


Forgot to add picture of my research lol

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Today the purple haze went to there final destination. 6 seeds out of 6 made it. 3 germinated on 6" pots and 3 germinated on a dome. Unfortunately 1 from the dome seeds are no longer with us as we had a casualty.

So 2 purple haze went in the ground. 1 went to my neighbor, 1 went to a friend and the last 1 went in a 3 gallon cloth. The 3 gallon cloth will be my clone/indoor plant when time comes.

The 2 randoms also 2day got a lil clipping. Hopefully I didnt do 2 early.

Hows my 1st time going so far?
@MrPeat @Derf02368 @JaneQP @Cannabian @Scrumm_21 @GhostGrow @RetiredSFC @oldmarine @plumbdand @PurpNGold74


Also heres the data so far from my garage research. Looks like it might be a good location for my future tent.

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Looking good so far…:+1::+1::+1:

I had a Tora Bora seed not pop any leaves. Which sucked but the other one is doing fantastic.


@MrPeat thank you. Just been applying everything I read here 2 help my babies succeed


@Growyourown @grizZz these are my ladies and journal. Any updates now or later will definitely be appreciated.

Looks like your off to a good start! What’s your latitude? Most outdoor plants in the US should be starting to flower in the next couple weeks.

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Definitely started late. Thats why the 3 gallon will be going inside will help me also get that experience out the way. Im in the east coast

No updates on my ladies today. They are doing fine and loving the sun.

Since work kinda slow right now I started cleaning the garage 4 the future indoor set up and also added new 20amp circuiy 4 it and also a way to vent.

This garage literally feels abandoned between the kids toys taking over and my wires,i cant even get the bike out.

Now we can walk in the garage and start future planning. Main thing I can take the bike out now

@FullyMedicated heres my journal if you would like to tag along sir. (Yea i know u work 4 a living)

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Literally just finished the inside project. Now I have 1 purple haze inside and 2 outside with 2 ra dom seeds. Lets see where this journey takes me.

Its not the best set up but my wife been snooping around my search history on amazon and got me a tent with light. 2x4x5 the light is a 1000w blurpee(dont kill her she didnt know they suck). On the weekend some 1 had posted on a forum that vivosun was having deals so I got a 6" without knowing about the tent. She bought it from her mom account 2 suprise me. I guess i been a good boy latelly fixing up the house and putting a fence up lol.

The light is on a 16/8 schedule. The exhaust I have running 24 also with a 6" fan inside on 24 hour.
Let me know what you guys think…

@pr thanks 2 your journal I knew how to set this 1 up. Thank you bud

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