1st Time Grower, plus feedback on Disguised Growbox

I have a question I’m from Australia and want to buy seeds but I’m on the fence as to if in will actually get my seeds can I have some help please will i?get them

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Yeah mate, im from Adelaide and i have ordered two batches and both came. All good. I think Robert even guarantees delivery anyway doesn’t he? My next venture will be super skunk.



eyleslad24, I had the same hesitation you are having right now. I am now very glad that I got over it. I received my order and I think you will too.

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Ok great to here mate thanks so much might just have to do that then.

White Widow at the bottom 3 days after sprouting. Super Silverhaze at the top 7 days after sprouting.


Strain: 1 White Widow (5 days old), 1 Super Silverhaze (9 days old)

System type: Indoor closed system. Currently in Solo Cups with Jiffy Starter soil. Once root bound, I will transfer to GH 4120 Waterfarms

PH of run off: 5.8 - 6.1

Nutrient Strength: N/A

Light: Currently 150W CFL and a T5, stepping up to a Kind K3-L450 LED bank. 18/6 cycle.

Temps: Low 64F (night), High 78F (day)

Humidity: Low 24, High 38 (augmented with portable handheld humidifier)

Ventilation system: Yes, 4" inline 165CFM for exhaust. No filter currently. Clip fan at intakes for circulation.

The Super Silverhaze was germinated 14 days ago, but didn’t sprout for 5 days. We transferred to starter pucks to start with, but found that they were too dense and tight. After 9 days above ground, the SSH still hadn’t thrown a tap root past the puck. The White Widow was in a puck too, but I squeezed it quite a bit before inserting the seed. It’s taproot extended almost to the bottom of the cup. They are both now sitting in just the starter soil and getting nothing but 6.0 - 6.1 pH water for the past week. Both seedlings have started to show their 2nd nodes.

Current concerns are the humidity. I’ve been thinking of stepping it up, but I don’t want to spring for a humidifier if the RH is going to be stable with the hydro tanks in the box. Adding 8 gallons of moving liquid and a couple of plants should increase the RH, but I’m not certain.

Switched to the LEDs a couple of days ago and the temps elevated to 85F. I had to widen the intake hole, make the ducting more rigid, switch to an oscillating fan, and step up the humidifier. And now we’re holding 74-78F.

Both plants have started to sprout their 3rd nodes.

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Updates since last post: tested my tap water for the 1st time for conductivity and I have fairly hard water at ~280-300 ppm. I’ve switched to RO water being sold at my local grocery store for $1.75/5gal. Transplanted the plants last week to DWC and started them on nutrients, standard GH set – 0.5 tsp of each into the 2 gal tanks, almost 300ppm. Today, I cleaned out the tank and changed out the water, upped the nutes to 1tsp of each.

Also swapped out the evaporative humidifier for an ultrasonic humidifier and I’m getting much more stable RH at ~48-52%.


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I’m using the General Hydroponics 4120. I picked them up at a local gardening store for around $60. My only modification was to swap out the included air pumps for a dual outlet model I found at Walmart. I needed to reduce the number of plugs inside the box.

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Am I identifying the pistils correctly?

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No, those are not pistils.

Very unique setup, looking forward to following your progress

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Watsup man did you transplant from soil or coco to hydro?if you did how did you do it ? I also just got an LED light from advance platinum led. I have it on my clones right now and my seedlings are under a 215 watt t5 lamp. But anyways I’m looking for the best ways to Transplant from coco to DWC. if you have any advice I’d appreciate it thanks

Boney, yeah I had them in starter soil in solo cups when I transplanted them to this setup. I cleared out some space in the pellets and just moved the plant over, soil and all. I allowed some of the loose stuff to fall off, but was fairly conservative with that since I transplanted them very young and I wanted to avoid root damage. I’m getting some of the soil running off into my tank, but nothing that’s causing problems and I’m cleaning the tanks out and changing the water every 4 days or so. All in all, I’m very satisfied with this hydro set-up and am not too challenged by it, even though this is my first grow.

Super Silverhaze:

White Widow:

I think the White Widow had a little bit of root damage and took a day or two to take to the DWC system, but the Silverhaze started blowing up right away. Next time, I think I’ll follow the advice of the other threads I’ve read on here and just start the germinated seeds in rock wool and then move that right into the DWC. Seems to be safer for the plants and cleaner for my tanks…

I also think the White Widow may have taken a little nute burn. This yellow spot showed up on the 5th node the day after I upped to 1/2 nutes. Am I identifying this correctly?

Also a question for the scrog veterans: topping? When should I do that?

I’ve seen on the forum that someone rinsed the roots to get the soil off I forgot the name of the post but my seedlings are in 1 gal smart pots and I wanna put them in a DWC bucket the name of the post where he posted pictures of him transplanting from soil to dwc

I saw that too, but I didn’t trust my clumsy hands to rinse the roots without damaging them. In fact, I wound up ripping some of the White Widow’s roots just flipping her out of the solo cup. If you have success rinsing your roots, let me know. I’d be interested in your method.

Alight I will let you know how it goes. I’m having problems posting pictures saying that the pic size is too big n don’t know how to make it smaller otherwise I’d show you my babies, clones, and my setup. How old were your babies before you transplanted them ?

The Silverhaze was 3 weeks old, White Widow 2 weeks. I transplanted once the 4th node had completely fanned, which in retrospect might have been a little early for the White Widow.