1st time grower... Please please please provide advise and follow me on this journey

Leaf of the small plant

The small plant is in a 7g bucket with fox farm ocean forest and when I transplant it I add this soil

@HMGRWN @Cannabian @Caligurl any assist on these outdoor gals? Some detail above re: feed and soil.

From this

To this in 2 weeks

That almost looks like leaf spot septoria? Are any other plants in the area showing this? Do you see any insects or eggs?
You may want to look up leaf spot septoria and methods for treatment? I cant say if this is a food related issue.

4 big plants all
Look the same same damage in two weeks

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The smaller one in the bucket had runoff 6500 ppm so I used flora clean to clean the roots a

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Hmm? Looks pretty burnt! Yeah a really good flush and maybe rethink that soil and fert plan a little? But the spots are concerning. Ive never seen the spots with N burn

No sign of bugs at all

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I think it looks fungal… spray down with water, remove all the bad leaves (looks like it could use a good defoliation anyway), when dry, spray with a fungicide. I just switched to PureCrop1 and I really like it! For me, I combined it with BB to combat worms.

The pics don’t look like septoria… those spots are too perfectly round but I could be wrong, but either way, septoria is fungal.

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Another check today with a magnifying glass no sign of bugs nothing

@Graysin ok so I ran my numbers on a few tonight… not too happy…so here we go. Ingoing water pH 6.6, ec 418 ppm 220… What follows is the runoff numbers:
. AMNESIA HAZE ph 7 ec3966 ppm1980

Gmo: pH 7.1 ec 2080 ppm1020

Skittles: pH 7 ppm 1433 ec 2800…

First picture is Skittles, second is amnesia, third has gmo on far left…

Today I found out I miscalculated the amount of fertilizer I had to put in so I put 5 times more than I was supposed too thank god I figured it out they doin much better now they should be ok in a week or so

Serious nut burn I almost killed them

Just a quick update on this baby… 2-3 more weeks, right?

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At least. I only see clear trichomes. Beautiful plant!!!


Not from ILGM but I really like this community lots of good people willing to help others and that’s awesome day 41