1st time grower... Please please please provide advise and follow me on this journey

Do u find the carbon filter works with it blowing out of it rather than sucking in through it?

Was about to say: Ooooooohhhhh Yeah, but I haven’t used it pulling through the filter from in the tent as I don’t have the room. Before I hooked the filter up she was just venting into the room and when the light turned on or off you could smell it through the whole house if bedroom door was open. Now you have to go into the closet to smell anything at all!

I miss the smell!!! Gonna have to start making smell checks during the day! Lmao.

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Update: all 3 seeds have a germinated! I almost threw one seed away last night but today it had a nice a beautiful tail lol … they all have been planted. :grimacing::grimacing:


Patience Weedhopper. :ninja: Must learn patience.


Good luck and I had a 2x2 like that one and it was the hardest to keep right temps it would spike I went to a 4x4 and I don’t think I had enough lighting so they stretched a little but way easier to keep temps but I still haven’t got the tricombs where they say on Amber almost and getting there like any day

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Is this what I think it is?? Is it ready to harvest yet? :rofl::rofl: jk jk! Im practicing!

Little update 1 out 3 have sprouted. Im like a kid on christmas going to the tent every hr for the last 3 days :rofl::rofl:


2 weeks. :wink: :grin: :laughing: :joy: :rofl:


You will for next couple weeks and it’s amazing how fast they really grow you like see them growing inch by inch

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LOL or in my case stretch inch by inch. The strain I dropped is definitely light hungry!

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I agree
On my first coupe of runs I ran 8-9 plants in a 5x5
They do fill the tent up quickly when you have more plants but starts to get crowded veery easy and some plants grow bigger then others snd start stealing light lol and then you start to loose yield
I have learned that I can do 1 plant or 4 plants and get the same yield but yes does take a few extra weeks of veg


What have been your avg yield per plant?

Little update from the girls. All 3 have sprouted.

Bruce Banner, FFHF 3/4 and FFLW 1/4 as medium. Sprouted yesterday. Slightly watered today pH 6.2. RT has fluctuated between 68-70F. RH has fluctuate between 50-60.

Gorilla Glue #4 FFHF 3/4 and FFLW 1/4 as medium. Sprouted today. Slightly watered today pH 6.2. RT has fluctuated between 68-70F. RH has fluctuate between 50-60.

GSCE FFHF 3/4 and FFLW 1/4 as medium. Sprouted today. Slightly watered today pH 6.2. RT has fluctuated between 68-70F. RH has fluctuate between 50-60.

For the past week the RH have been 50. I slightly watered all three girls and just noticed the RH at 60. All 3 girls have a clear plastic cup covering them.

Should I be doing something different? I watered today, I should wait at least 2-3 days before watering again? pH water only? No Cal-Mag or any of the FF nutrients yet, right?

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No nutrients yet, just water, and you just need to lightly mist the area right around the seedlings, maybe get it moist a couple inches down. Spray it a few times at least once a day to keep it moist, but not wet. Aside from that, looks good :+1:


@DrWatson420 Thank you for the response! Should mist the area every day or once it start getting dried?

I’m going to agree to disagree on this one. Once my seedlings are up I just water them a little bit (30-60ml) and let them go for a day or two, then check their cup weight. It’s heavier when the soil is wet and lighter when it’s dried out. Getting a feel for watering by weight is going to stop you from drowning your seedling. A spray bottle and/or misting your plant runs a serious risk of keeping the soil too damp consistently, and dampening off the roots.

I stop treating my seedling like a seedling once she has 2 true sets of leaves. That means she gets a watering til runoff and then left alone til the cup is light (soil is almost dried out) again.

The nutes or no nutes is going to depend on what nutrient line you’re using - I start nutes when I water but I’m using Jacks 3-2-1 which is generally really easy on plants. Since you’re using Fox Farms liquid nutes, I would hold off until the rounded leaves start to yellow, at least. The cotyledons hold enough nutrients for the plant to develop long enough roots to search for nutrients in the soil.

As far as watering, I do agree it’s best to water in a wide ring around your plant to encourage her roots to search outward - stretch a bit for the moisture. I usually flip a solo cup upside down over the top of the plant and then water the cup - it runs off in a perfect circle pretty wide around the plant base.


Thanks for the advise! Ill start weighting the pot tomorrow and see how they are doing. Im running my lights 24hrs, planning to flip to 18/6 once they hit 2 weeks or should i flip sooner?


Following @PurpNGold74 ’s earlier guidance, setting them on 18/6 once their first set of real leaves comes up from between the cots should be fine.

I run on 18/6 around the clock until it’s time for flower power. If you’re running autoflowers it won’t matter at all (did you ever mention? Or did I just miss it?). I honestly don’t know if the 24/7 for baby seedlings makes a difference or not -perhaps if you need extra heat in the tent.


@Graysin, yes, running autoflowers. I just looked the manual online (couldnt find it on the box) and it recommend the 18/6 cycle. I think Ill flip to it in day 7. Im so excited for this grow!! Ill be here often with updates and pics😬


Sounds awesome. We’ll be here to help as questions pop up! :v: :+1:

Yea i havent watered my new seedlings since 2 days before the seeds went into soil. Like 12/31 lol. But thats soil. In a solo cup.

If ur running coco the game chabges