1st time grower of Big Bud,is this normal?

Hello ILGM Community, I have a question about the Big Bud Strain. In the pictures you can see the fan leaves have multiple sets on each level.Starting with the lowest ones having 3 leaves,then upwards one has 6 and another has 7!.. Is BB supposed to grow like this?
Stats: 5 gal fabric pot, OF soil under 150watts of LED, have humidifier in tent also

The bigger a plant gets the more mature the leaves it produces. Alot of times the first few leaves the plant makes look a little funky but that’s no worries. What I see when looking at that plant you posted is the light coloration around the edges of the new growth. You may have a ph issue starting to develop so I would make sure your runoff ph in is the proper range(6.3 to 6.8)


Thank you for your quick response!..I hadn’t seen this type of leaf development right from seed before so it definitely puzzled me. And yes, once I transplanted to the 5gal, I been on top of Ph, especially after seeing those 1st nodes grow out.Thank You!

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My tap water is right at 7 so I used that for during seedling stage ,didn’t use any nutes for this grow as of yet,but I def Ph down to the 6.0 6.5 range moving forward …

A ph of 6.0 in soil is going to give you issues too. Stay above 6.3 and below 6.8