1st Time Grower, Nervous, Any Advice would Help, Here's What I have!

Hi there! This is my first time growing and I chose the Beginner Kit with the White Widow Autoflower and Goldfinger Autoflower. I am just so tired of not having a trustworthy, stable source, so I figured its high time I give this a try. I do love gardening (I live on a farm) so hopefully this wont be to hard! I know absolutely nothing (except what I’ve online) about growing and harvesting!

So I started my seeds in a cup of water 48 hours ago. So far 4 of the 5 WW have sprouted a little tail and 1 of 2 GF have a little tail. I have now put them in a damp napkin in an opened zip lock with a plate over them (as I saw advised).

*I have a Mars Hydro TS1000- will that be enough for these plants or should I get a second one?
*Will a good high quality vegetable garden mix suffice for these plants? It has: sphagnum peat moss, mushroom compost, composted rice hulls, aged pine bark fines, organic humus, washed sand and horticultural perlite
*How long do I leave these in the napkin before planting them?

  • I have 7 gallon grow bags
    *I have a ph meter a soil ph tester, ppm meter
    *thermometer and humidity gauge
    Am i missing anything?
    Ill post pics
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They ready to plant :potted_plant:, get them in the dirt quarter inch deep maybe .put the light about 18 inches !


Yay wonderful! I get right on it!!! :star_struck:

Will make your grow much easier.

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Wow those look really cool! I will def be looking into these. Thank you so much!

Not sure how handy you are with tools, but if you can build one using a retail product as a kind of guide and spend a lot less for a lot more.

Here is what mine looks like, but idea is you can make it whatever you want for whatever space you want to use thats “user friendly” for you to maintain. Concept stays the same. I feed all 6 from the tub, and have rolling stools to glide around and trim on. Its also filtered so it stays clean and i dont have to constantly clean/change nute solution.


I love the canister filter , nice but hey it works so perfect , great job i love the creativity .

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Hey so congratulations and welcome. I do have a few ? For you tho. How big of space do you plan to grow your 4-5 plants ? That will help determine how much light you will need. That 1 light will not grow 4-5 plants completely to there potential to harvest. Also if you already have 7 gallon pots that fine but might be a little over kill for autos they don’t spend as much time in veg as a photo plant. But like posted above a few of your seeds are popped and showing a good tail out them in the ground and best of luck


Hello and thank you! :slight_smile:

How much space per plant would you recommend? I have a large space to work with, its just a matter of converting it to be a good atmosphere for the plants!

I can def down size the pots if needed, right now I just have them in little vegetable planters. There is so much info, it gets a bit overwhelming on what is best or redundant or not needed LOL

Do you think one more light will work okay?

WOW! Now that is a dream! Ill be saving these pics as a future guide! :star_struck:

So depends but plan on a 2x2 space per plant, more depending on what type you grow auto or photo. Photo can get bigger. First I would recommend you figure out how many plants you want to grow, and go from there. On lights can get expensive to cover large areas

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Welcome :grin:
Lots of good advice above, i just wanted to add. The ts1000 light, i believe its only 100 actual watts and thus is good for 1 plant.
I think you started 7 seeds?
You going need some serious lighting power for that many, unless you grow them outside…


So far you are off to a great start. That soil tester is only good for seeing if the soil is wet or dry. Google soil slurry test. Welcome to the community.


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@yoshi!!! Thank you! I didnt even think to check alibaba! By the time they get here, the plants will be big enough to need more! :star_struck: Im going to take a look at each of these and other items I can upgrade!

For what it’s worth, you can buy less power if you buy individual lights since the canopy on 4 or 5 plants will rarely be the same height.

I grow 4 plants in my 3x3 tent with 2 100-W input LEDs like your Mars. Mine are Vivosun VS1000 which were about $125 each and fill my needs fine. I just end up sorting the two tallest plants to 1 light and the two shortest ones to the other. Left 2 vs right 2 in photo below.

Works for me. Easy peasy.

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@VirginiaGrowBoy Wow! Ok, that is very helpful! I am actually looking at the Vivosun, so Im glad you mentioned it! Your plants are beautiful, which ones do you have :star_struck:

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Those are Amnesia Haze, Blueberry and Northern Lights but I’ve also grown Girl Scout Cookies and White Widow

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