1st time grower, need direction. Hellpppp

Hey guys! I’m so glad I found this place! Ok so this is my first solo grow, I KINDA know what I’m doing from previous work but obviously not enough! So I just need your expert guidance :slight_smile:

So I planted this tangerine dream auto from a seed in water sprout 6/21… she’s lived outside… I had 3 planted but our puppy ate 2 when they were young so, down to this one. It’s been on schedule for its milestones but runty after being ill

She had some issues in the start of the flowering stage like tiny caterpillars and then some heat stress when we had a few weeks of 90-100 degrees.
I transplanted her into new dirt to get her away from the caterpillars, I give florabloom with epsom salt water every other day and regular water in between, she smells good, I can see she’s coming up to harvest

But she’s small, could it be the stressful growing?
She’s short and didn’t get bushy at all. But there are plenty of buds growing, I see all the hairs, and the glitter.
How close am I?
Is there anything I should be doing?
I want to replace the 2 plants my dog ate at seedling, can I clone this one?
And will there be/can I harvest any seeds off her to grow again?


I’ve got 3 more strains in seeding stage that I’m gonna ask about too :slight_smile:


Autos are often small. They take more skill than most people think to grow large before they decide to flower.

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That’s what I’ve been told here so I’ll worry less about it now, thank you! Does everything else look ok to you?

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Sorry I am new to forum and in need of help, not sure after hours of searching on whats up with 3 of 4 plants. My leaves are turning purplish color. Any help would be appreciated ! Thank you I’m guessing phosphorus deficient but unsure

What are these strains?

Welcome to the community! You will find a lot of help here.

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they almost look more NITROGEN deficient but only because the leaves are so light/lime colored. welcome to the forum you will as Jane said, find plenty of help here. Be patient and when they see it they will answer. Read some grow journals in the meantime and if you see someone’s journal/style that suits your desired results tag them into this conversation on your next post in here with @ in front of their name like @JaneQP (sorry Jane was just for reference :slight_smile: ) . they will see it a LOT quicker that way and know you asked THEM a question in here and be directed right to it rather than just happen upon it scrolling through the forum topics :wink: Happy Growing


I am not sure on the strains, as they we’re given to me with little information. The one Jack Herer I got has no issue’s only the 3 I dont know, have this purplish leaf

Thanks for the Welcoming ! I was under the impression, you dont want much Nitro during flowering, But I’ve spent hours looking at charts and pictures for similar leaves. Hence why I’m lost lol… on what I believe to be a deficiency of :confused:

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yeah i’m saying i wonder if it wasn’t already deficient of N before it began flowering and that’s why as it’s using it up the leaves are changing out quicker. I don’t know for sure my friend. I hope someone is like “that’s “such and such” and you need to do this!” :wink: Might be ok to ride it out to harvest but someone MIGHT just know a way to turn them back around and make harvest more bountiful too

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Thanks unfortunately it’s slowing flowering progress UGH…

Mine is tangerine dream auto

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I would say you have 3 weeks +_. I am not familiar with the strain. If you allow 9-10 weeks actual flower and 4 weeks for veg should put you end of first week Sept or 2nd week. She won’t get any taller but will fill out and add weight. I had a jack herer auto run small like you TD while two were - normal.
Oh - welcome. Sorry your thread got hijacked a bit @survivorwinner


Thank you @beardless! And it’s ok lol I didn’t know where to post when I first joined either. It’s not that I’m impatient, I mean i am lol but I can wait… I just want to make sure I’ve brought it back to good as can be after being sick and that it’ll have some kind of harvest. And if it’ll be slower than I expect. I’m no expert yet lol

Nice CeCe! I am growing some Tangie Dosidos. All I see with your starts is one seems to have some insect damage. I have the same thing in my outdoor grow and use DE and some homemade pest sprays. Your first plant looks like it is fattening up nicely.

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@survivorwinner Could be a phosphorus deficiency but is sounds like you are using a bloom nutrient. Do you check the pH/TDS of you feed water and the pH/TDS of you run off?

If those measurements are good it could be the genetics of the strain.

When she was in veg stage a bit of lst would of let this girl get a bit bigger in size but if it’s had alot of stress I think even with lst with all that stress she would of been the same

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Thank you!! Such a relief to hear that. I’ve gotta get the spray, and I check every day for insects. I think it was that too and the lower leaves were more affected, the bugs came when it was younger. The new growth has been good and I’ve been clipping the lower sicker leaves. I do use florabloom and I’ve used more than the recommended a couple times but didn’t think it would be nutrient burn because wouldn’t the damage be throughout the whole plant? That was my reasoning. I heard neem oil works great and I looked up how to make homemade bug spray but I’m
A bit nervous and don’t wanna mess anything up since it was so sickly a few weeks ago

That’s when I started lst but then the bugs came along and instead of stressing her more I took all her trains off and let her be to heal. But I think you guys are all right, just a combo of all the things and I guess she’s still just behind her dates and playing catch-up … as long as she looks ok now tho, really hoping she fattens up in the next couple weeks!! Thank you @Tezza2 !!

Here are my go to homemade sprays:

Pick up a hand sprayer for cleaners. I think I got my sprayers at HD or Wally World.

Add 20 shakes of essential oil (I rotated these: rosemary, pine, mint and tea tree). Luckily I received a pack of essential oils for Xmas. Others mentioned in my internet searching included geranium, sage and citronella.

Add a squirt of Dr. Bonner’s Castile soap.

Although meticulous in the lab, my kitchen chemistry is more pinch, dollop, shake or squirt measurements.

Add water to fill.

I used each mix for three days and totally drenched the indoor plants at lights out and again before lights on (I had spider mites).

Outdoors I hit them at sunset.

Another killer is garlic and hot peppers from the forum user Ning I think.

For DE, diatomaceous earth, I bought a 50 pound bag on-line and it will it outlive my life expectancy! I found a powder dispersal thing on Amazon for $3 and dust the plant. We have earwigs here that can strip a plant overnight! I use it on all the veggies and a border around our foundation.

Sorry for the over-information but if I can help one person I can repay some karma I have received on this forum.

Best to you Cece!


Welcome to the forum @CeceNance

Autos take a certain amount of skill and often do best with less training. LST can turn HST very quickly on them which will slow them down, and since you can’t just let them veg longer they flower on their own timeline which is usually earlier than desired when they’re smaller.

She’s looking fine. And the timelines for harvest are (A) generally inaccurate and (B) are counted from the time they start flower. It’s not calculated from the time the seed breaks ground.