1st time grower looking for support

1st time grower. I have 2 LSD seeds that have sprouted (11-6-19) in 1.5x1.5" rockwool cubes. I moved them to my DWRC at recommendations from this forum. These have been in system for 2 days and I don’t see and growth or improvement. I did nutrients this am with 1/4 of what it recommended. My PH is 5.9 and PPM 241. I am using RO water. I am also not sure on light distance. I have a @ LEDS 1200w and 1000w. They are 24" above plants now which I am not sure if that is proper?
I also not sure my water level is correct- see photos. I appreciate any help!!!:grimacing:

There’s a such thing as too much light, and I think you’re in that camp. Less light or a defuser may help, white kitchen trash bags work excellent as a defuser for acclimating a plant to a new environment with surplus light.

are you suggesting to turn one of my lights off or move them higher than 24"?
The white trash bag over the dwc pot?

Agree on too much light. I would shut one off. I have a similar, recent experience. My seedlings took off once I backed down the lighting. Give them a few weeks and then pour on the light again. Seedlings don’t need much light.

Also, if your light has the option to shut down the red (for now,) then do that and run veg only.

It’s been done

Good stuff. My similar experience was only a week or 2 ago. I began to notice growth taking off 24 to 48 hours after adjusting the lighting. I hope yours do the same.

I will let you know!!!
is there a certain distance I should use?

Your 24" is probably just fine.

appreciate you

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