1st time grower - help with trimming


@Astrocreep Through all the ups and downs of learning how to grow, somehow I have a plant that’s forming some decent buds. A friend told me that trimming can improved bud yield!Can you all look at the pictures and make some recommendations. I removed bottom branches and actually got some nice clones. What else should I do?


@Greenlantern Is not recommended to trim anything after third week of flowering. You’re going to need all those leaves at the end for the plant to complete itself. Looks great Let It Be


She looks healthy over all i would do nothing except feed and water her as needed
Removal of some of the lower shoots will allow your plant to focus on the top colas but your plant looks thin enough
Best way to increase yeild is training the plant while in veg imo


What wk of flowering are you in?


What size pot is that and strain of plant @Greenlantern
Looks like second or third week flower to me the first two weeks of 12-12 are transition weeks fyi


I see @Countryboyjvd1971 is on it. You’re in great hands.


I think 3rd, but i haven’t beeen paying that close attention. The plant is about 4 months old.


Im here but your asking the right questions and giving good advice @Dkr8180 so keep on helping
Im at work and will be jumping on and off as time allows lol
@Greenlantern just care for the plant and No more trimming your doing a fine job


5 gallon pot. Jamaican Collie.


@Countryboyjvd1971, guess he got what he needed…lol


Heres a few great links @Greenlantern take a look at these
Might help you understand @Dumme really breaks stiff down for you with theses two threads

It would appear so @Dkr8180 lol


5 gallon pot. Jamaican Collie.


Didnt mean to delete post…meant to delete comment. Still new to posting


Sounds good @Greenlantern yeah looks like your onthe right off path tho
Let her be water and feed and just watch her stack up
Sometimes the bedtvthingvto do is nothing
It possible to over love our plants lol


Thanks guys. I really appreciate the advice. I have clones and NL autos starting as well, so I’m sure I will need more soon. :grin:
Have a great weekend.


Wow. If I study all that I’ll be ready for a degree in botany.


Hahaha @Greenlantern i wont lie i haven’t watched all of the videos myself only but know there is some really good info in them that explains how a plant works and the need for a dark periods and why etc
If you need anything just tag if i cant answer the question ill get you in touch with someone who can
Happy growing :v:️CB


Just tuck under the fan leaves otherwise if you take them off she’ll starve


Thanks Cowboy. I can’t wait to see how much the Collie yields. I did everything wrong in the beginning. Can you believe I actually thought I could grow in the window in the wintertime? Slowly I invested in lights, tent, etc…very forgiving plant. I now have 2 very happy clones off of her about 3 weeks old and 10 inches and I want to do everything right this time. I will definitely need more advice. :nerd_face:


@Greenlantern you came to the right place our membership is awesome and the collective knowledge is scary being fairly new im
Sure you haven’t met everybody yet but youll be blown away by the help and encouragement you’ll receive here
@Laurap is a great member and offers good advice anbout tucking your leaves but in truth buds them selves dont need lifht their job is different from the leaves😉