1st time grower harvest question

I am wondering if I can just harvest the buds from my biggest plant and leave it growing for a mother plant? I have 4 super skunk which are in the 1 St week of flowering. They are 3 feet tall and all coming along nicely. One is closer to 4 foot and I think it would be good for a mother plant as I was able to get 2 clones from it a couple weeks ago that are doing great.

Welcome to ILGM! If your plant is mature enough to harvest, it’s too mature to clone off of. If she’s already a good clone producer, keep her in veg and pull more clones off her.

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A different first time grower question. Above is my Sour D on day 36. There are some light spots appearing on a fee leaves. What may this be?

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@Noworries Check this out :sunglasses::facepunch:

How To Make Marijuana Clones - Selecting a Mother Plant

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