1st time grower cure question

First time grow and a couple of questions/observations:

WW autoflower was just cut and dried for 9 days in a 70-degree bathroom. I may have dried them too long as the RH is only 58% in the mason jars now. What do I do to bring the RH back up to what everyone suggests should be around 62%?

This is probably a dumb question but what to do with all of the sugar leaves that I trimmed off after the buds dried? Someone told me to let them dry with the sugar leaves on and ‘dry trim’ them later. It’s a pretty good-sized pile of dried leaves and I know that the leaves had trichomes so I hate to toss them.
Thanks for your patience and great advice throughout this first grow! Everyone has been very kind and helpful here.


Buy some boveda packs to place in the jars. They help with humidity.
You can take sugar leaves and larf and make budder with it for edibles. I’m sure there are other options besides that but I am only familiar with making budder.


Thank you!

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Welcome @TipperWilson sounds like you had a nice slow successful dry for your Harvest. 58 percent not bad. You can drop a couple fan leafs in the jar will pull it back up a little. Some people use small piece of orange peel. Good luck


Thank you for that advice! It’s good to know that 58% isn’t all that bad and I’ll try to bump it up some too.