1st time grower am I missing anything

Hey everyone this is my first time growing and it’s a little daunting. I mean I can keep my plants at work alive so I can’t be that bad. I have 4 random seeds and 1 blueberry haze autoflower going. The randoms went into soil on Mach 29 so they are 5 weeks old, the auto went to soil on April 7 so she is 4 weeks old today. They were all germinated using the paper towel method. The auto was put right into its 3 gallon pot. The other 4 started in little pots and were transplanted into the 3 gallon. I am using Coast of Maine Bar Harbor Blend soil and bud breakfast by goodstuff. Any help or advice would be appreciated. There are two fans above the LED light

Some of my leaf tips have a little bit of orange, I think it’s because I added nutrients too soon. One of the plants the leaves are weird looking but it’s grown like that from the start.


What are you using for a light? Don’t be adding nutrients your soil is hot enough for now.


Welcome fellow cultivator. Healthy looking plants, plan for success! 2 or 3 of them could fill your tent, youll need lots of light ventilation

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My sister-in-law gave us the light a few years ago it is this one.

Thank you. I am hoping to grow the four unknowns outside just in case they grow too big

Is that the only light you have.

Yes. I didn’t really know what we would need.

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If your planning growing indoors as well as outdoors a good light is a must.

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What size tent. Youll wanna pack it wall to wall so whatever square feet, to start with

It is a 36x20x62

Would it be ok to just double what I have for lights? Or should I do something else?

Them lights are only good for leaves and foilage, wont grow fruiting and heavy flowering plants.
Need sopmething like 40 - 50W good quality light for each square foot check my math but it’s near that

If you want to grow indoors I would do something different. :v:

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We did get a better light Aglex 1000w. I never realized how dim the one I had was. I plan to get a couple more and daisy chain them together. I hope I didn’t stunt my auto too much. My blueberry haze auto is the plant in the middle and she is 29 days old now. The other four are random seeds we had gotten in weed we bought.


Looking good!! Awesome job on the light upgrade!

You have several more weeks before you need to start feeding so hold off.

Pay close attention to any stress the plant may experience from the sudden change in light/may be none at all.

I’ll be following this! Excited to see how this goes.


Untill ya get more to chain up, Id put some on booster seats so all same distance to light, get the most out ofthat smallish light. And not sitting in liquid. Nice goin

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Thank you. I was feeding because I read info wrong but stopped that. When are you supposed to start feeding autos?

@Bossycharms typically 4-6 weeks but that’s not written in stone. Time frames are for commercial grows, you’re better than that.

I would water only for awhile.
What type of water do you use?
Have you checked the ph of it?

What soil? Was I correct with the ocean forest? Just going off assumptions.

I use coast of maine bar harbor blend. There aren’t many local options and that was the best one. I water with bottled water, spring and distilled. I am not sure of the ph that is on its way. For photo flower when do they show their sex? I don’t want to take the chance of one of these being male and messing it all up.

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@Bossycharms i use Stonington Blend. If youre growing in 5 gal pots, you prob have 30 days of nutes. If youre going dry amendments, youll want to think 2 weeks ahead.

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