1st time grower, 5x5 setup

Hey there! I’m planning on launching my first grow in a few days, just waiting for some supplies to arrive. This will be my first grow(indoors). I have a 5x5 tent, 2 inline duct fan, 2 carbon filters, 2 exlenvce 1200watt led lights and a complete set of nutrients to feed the girls. Im still missing the soil( any recommendations?) plus I’m yet to decide on auto or photeperiodic strains. Main goal is to produce 16oz plus( bare minimum being 16oz). Any ideas how this might be achieved? Any pointers or suggestions are more than welcomed. I’m mainly inclined towards auto because of the fast seed to flower factor but am questioning if these would be appropriate to reach the 16oz mark. I also have a spare 3x3 but just the tent, no exhaust or fans. I’ve been researching for about a year and have a few experiences with outdoor, so i got the basic pretty dialed down.



Getting a pound or three from a 5X5 is certainly attainable with a bit of experience.

You will almost certainly need a LOT more light than that as each of those lights consumes about 155 watts. You will need in the neighborhood of 1000 watts to properly flower in that space. Personally, I would shoot for closer to 1200 watts but I tend to go big.

Edit: @DMD has it correct below, 232 watts with all LEDs ON. I did not read far enough.
You will still need a lot more light for flower.

You can likely veg with those two lights but plan on more light when you get closer to flower.
If you don’t have them already, you will need to get a decent quality pH meter and TDS meter.

And welcome to the forum, we are glad to see you.


Welcome here man, this is really the best place to learn, im on my first indoor grow too…
Amazon says your lights are 232w each, and that’s probably going to be your most likely area for upgrade…
@dbrn32 will help you with that when he can


First welcome to the community I see no problem with hitting your goal of 16 oz I would start out and shoot for a smaller space if possible. Unless you’re willing to spend quite a bit more money for more lighting. Good luck

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I think i might end up using the 3x3 for the first grow since I don’t have extra lights for the flower phase, you think 16oz is achievable ? With those 2 lights. I’d personally buy more lights but I’m on a budget

Hadn’t thought about that, seems pretty logic. I think that’s plan A right now since I can’t buy more lights rn

It might be…you will need to insure that the plants stay within the “footprint” of the two lights.

The lights will also need to be fairly close to the plants. Perhaps somebody can chime in to tell you just how far the lights should be. I would take a stab but it would be a wild ass guess. I set my lights using a PAR meter. If you place the back of your hand at the distance you want to put the plants, you can feel if it is too warm or not. If too warm for your hand, too warm for cannabis plants.

You can use the 5X5 but only one corner (2 X 3 ??) of it until such time as you get more lighting.
A wild assed guess on distance would be less than 18 inches. Others might have better numbers for you. @dbrn32 @Myfriendis410 @elheffe702 @Holmes


@CrevitOramGas for the money this is definitely the way to go I have two of them and love it


I agree hard pressed with lighting you’re planning. It’s not to say it’s impossible, just unlikely for average beginner. There are certainly some exceptions where new growers far exceed and fall substantially short of “typical results”.


You can always take the light you got put it in a 3 by 3 space with two plants possibly hit your goal. I do recommend getting the tallest tent that your space will accommodate. The upper space in a tent will get eat up pretty quick with the exhaust fan. Hangers and lights. And take in consideration of the height of the pots. Good luck .

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First grow, instead of “how much can I harvest” you should look at it like “how much can I learn my first time?” There are so many variables that affect yield. Focus on learning how the plants grow, what makes them tick (or stop ticking!), and dialing in your setup. Yield will increase with experience both with the plants and your particular setup.


If heat is going to be an issue(is for me) you should have @dbrn32 hook you up with a DIY QB build.

Good luck!

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I’m in a 4x4x6 grow tent and have 2 600w mh and hps lights 1200watt plus they are cheap and put out the power to the plants here what my tent looking like now to give you a idea and don’t forget to check Craigslist and offer up for light’s and equipment so many people burn up their crop or it don’t produce anything and they get mad and sell everything for pennies on the dollar

I’m about to harvest right now but you get the idea of how important light’s are out of everything to not get cheap on is lights and the ph meter hope this helps you and give it hell go for the fences crash and burn and learn and makes improvements and then do it again keep notes and comparisons of each grow and techniques and you will get where you want to be


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