1st time grower 1st journal

I am going to take a stab at this. First time grower of anything so absolutely no experience. My set up is 36"X20"X63" tent. Carbon filter (don’t know brand) attached to 189 CFM exhaust fan (seems low but I have no idea what im talking about) Light im using is HLG 135 Rspec. I am using the pot for pot 5 gal kit. First grow is Girl Scout Cookies Extreme (photo). I will attach picture of current seedling. Seedling sprouted on may 12th the pictures are from about 1 hour ago when home while taking a break from work. Set up is in spare basement bedroom with no windows. Also, I did raise the light a little and turn humidifier back on for 2 hours. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Also currently watering with bottled water. I have general hydro nutrients and calmag on order once she is old enough.

Welcome to the forum , looks like a good start. I just missed what soil you are gonna use.

Thank you, it is coco and the superb soil that comes with the pot for pot package… Will be in 5 gal fabric pot when transplanted.

Your tent is around 26 cu ft. If you want to exchange the volume of air in the tent once per minute (the desired exchange) you need a system designed to move 26 cubic feet / minute. Your fan is 189 CFM. You are coverd. If your fan has speed control, you may be able to use a lower speed. Good luck

Great, thanks for your response. I do not have a speed controller will running it full speed cause any problems?

No But if you want or need to reduce speed for some reason you can.

The o ly issue running the fan wide open is temp and humidity. If your temps are too cool or your humidity is too low then you will want to slow it down some. Just watch that.

Also, for anyone willing to answer, What is the best way to dechlorinate tap water? I will be transplanting and switching to ph’d water in about a week or so and want the make sure I will be prepared. Thanks guys.

I believe you can just let it sit out and the chlorine will evaporate. I think.

Update on my GSCX grow -

I transplanted last night due to roots beginning to grow though the peat pot. Transferred to 5 gal fabric pot using coco and perlite. See attached picture from today day 6 after sprout.

Is this a potential problem? Does anyone know what could be causing this?

Day 15 update - everything seems ok to my untrained eye

I believe she is ready to be topped, see pics below and let me know if y’all agree.