1st time Grow raining for 40days and 40 nights!

Not really but close. I got 3 of my girls in 5 gal buckets out side. They started moving in to flowering a couple weeks ago. I don’t think I gave them enough nutes at first but got better at it. Any way, like I said my girls started in to flowering a couple weeks ago but then it started to rain! its rained almost every day for the last week and forecast is for 60-70% chance of rain for the next ten days! I’ve tried to slip in some nutes (tiger bloom) but seems like every time I do it goes to pouring. The buckets drain well and soil feels damp but not soaked. I want to try giving them something but I’m getting concerned about them being water logged and getting root damage. Before any one says bring them inside its not really an option. No lights and no room for them. I have a feeling that they are purty well flushed. Any suggestions would be great.Thanks!

In outdoor commercial hydro grows; Growers increase nutrient strength by 1-% when it rains. The plants still need to be fed.

Fabricate some 5 mil plastic to place over the pots, and around the stem of the plant. Remember how to cut a cone? Make a plastic cone and attach tot eh stem with twine, or a twist tie. By attaching the cone higher on the stem than around edge of buckets you can form a little TeePee cone and water will run off instead of, into the pot. :slight_smile:


Genius! @latewood very nice tip!

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Here is another way to alleviate this concern.

Get some 4x4 posts, and build an 8’ tall lean to. Place some rafters every 2 feet and attach lattice to the rafters for support and 50% shade, and then place 6mil poly over that. Now you have a potport…

Simple idea! should have thought of doing this myself. thanks for the input!

I know this sounds crazy but my plants actually sit in my front yard behind a lattice covered in morning glories. I’m tucked away some what so they aren’t visable to anyone. I think a pot port may draw a bit more attention. good idea but not for this situation. Thanks!